Google Partners with Republic Wireless for Orion WiFi Service

Republic has always innovated and pioneered WiFi technologies to save you money and give you extended coverage. Now we’re thrilled to announce that Google has selected Republic as one of the first cell phone service partners to make their new Orion Wifi service available to our members.

Orion Wifi is a new platform from Area 120, Google’s in-house incubator. Orion enables Republic members to access an ever-expanding network of WiFi access points in airports, office buildings, businesses, retailers, events and many public spaces. While the network is just getting started, the benefits will grow quickly over time. Republic is using Orion’s additional coverage to bring even more seamless connectivity to our My Choice members. You will be able to take advantage of broadband data speeds and extended call quality with Republic’s bonded calling – a match made in WiFi heaven.

We look forward to bringing this new technology to our members and invite you to keep a close eye on our Community Announcements for possible opportunities for early testing.


This is great news @john.barbacci ! I always like to see RW innovating.

Here is a link to an article with more info on this:


I’d like to test it out!

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Sounds promising. Would like to try it out if it becomes available near me.

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Hopefully this will last longer than the last time republic offered a 3rd party automatic wifi solution. Which worked just fine for me until it was discontinued.


Hi @Majorninth,
Thanks for your ongoing enthusiasm for this kind of functionality.

One of the challenges of being a company who innovates is that there are times when we have to be willing to walk away from an initiative if it’s not working out. We appreciate your feedback about our earlier automated WiFi connectivity solution, and we are glad to be able to partner with Google in this new venture.

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Hi @southpaw,

Any ideas on a time frame when this may be integrated into the RW system/app? I get the impression it will be quite sometime and not yet time time for any expectations or breath holding. Thank you.


I would love to try this out. But our two week tent camping trip starts in a week. Maybe next trip.
I’m glad you’re trying this new wifi adventure.

Hi @PlaneTherapist,

We learned quite some time ago not to try to predict timeframes, especially when the work depends on other companies. Target dates always tend to shift, and then people think we were “stringing them along”. I would recommend frequent inhaling and exhaling as this story unfolds.


This sounds like something I would benefit from, as I am not that tech savvy. Anything to enhance the ease of “cellular manipulation” (new dictionary phrase?:sweat_smile:) Is good for me.
Can’t wait for the roll out (if this fits the announcement, LoL!)

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Sounds intriguing. It would be something I would be interested interested in testing when available. Look forward to updates on this.

Too bad it has to be google, the world’s largest spymaster!

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