Google phone app on Samsung


hate the phone app on your Samsung phone
replace it with the Google phone app

am running it on an S6, S7 and 2 J3s for a while now and it working great…


Hi @TheDoctor,

Can you spare a few extra words to tell us what the main differences are that you like?


Unfortunately, the best part of the “real” Google dialer, built-in spam rejection/identification, doesn’t work on the ported version (at least not on my S8).


the google phone look and feel is what I am after.
I want a more stock looking android on my phones…
loaded google now launcher on the Samsung just to get rid of the mess, IMO, that Samsung produced when they did their version…


Well my first job after getting a new phone is to install all google classroom applications including google contacts and dialer too. Just cant get through the gimp day without using anything other than google apps.