Google Photos & Data kidnapping


I installed Google Photos a while back. I honestly don’t remember why. Anyway, I went to the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DumVee) and in CT that’s a five hour mind numbing experience waiting for your number to be called so a hard working public servant can spend 15 seconds stamping the papers you’ve filled out. So, to wile away the time, I flipped through about a thousand pictures I took on a recent vacation. I was stunned to see that Google Photos had gobbled up 3/4 of my monthly data letting me see photos that I thought were stored on my phone!!! ■■■■!!!

Now I had previously disabled background data and notifications. I disabled Photos and now I can’t find any of my photos on my phone. How can I view my photos without enabling Google Photos again? I’d like to uninstall it but want to make certain I can see my photos on my phone without it. I have a Moto Z.find my photos on my phone


Google Photos replaced the Moto Gallery on the newer Moto Phones (including the Moto Z line)
a file explore, I use the total commander (that you download from the Google play store should be able to find your photos on your phone (on my Moto Z2 Play it’s in the DCIM/Camera folder)

as for background data being disable when you opened the app you where using it in the foreground :frowning:
Google Photos can be used offline by going into the menu :menu: icon, and tapping device folder


Hi @williamb.v26e6q,

The reason that you are not finding the photos on the phone is the same reason viewing them gobbled up data. The photos are stored in the cloud, online. You were viewing them online. You will find them if you use a computer and sign into with the same Google credentials you use on your phone.


Total Commander opens the DCIM and I see the camera folder but even though I see the photo files, it won’t open them It says it does not have permission.

I re-enabled the awful Google Photos but now I need to get an icon on the screen so I can open it. How do I do that?

And as an aside, every time google (they don’t deserve to be capitalized) decides to enhance my experience, I go through this type of crappy time wasting annoyance trying to do something i have previously been doing with no problem. I know that the Republic Community has no control over this but I just have to vent. I am one more incident like this away from surrendering and going to an iphone.


To put the icon back on the home screen, open the app drawer [swipe up from the home row] scroll down to the photos app and long press then move it to the home screen

Another option my be the Moto file manager which will show pictures


I am using Total Commander. Is there a way to flip from one picture to the next or do I have to open them one at a time sequentially?


The first thing I did was disable the whole cloud uploading thing when I got my Moto X4. I’d like some control in my life. The app that got me that way was Podcast Addict, whose ads sucked up a ton of data until I bought the app. I was okay with that, though, since I use it every day and it never fails me.


Do be aware that you put yourself in a fairly precarious position when disabling these sorts of services. I can’t tell you how many times each and every day I help someone who has lost their precious pictures because they disabled the backup service.


Yeah, the trouble with digital. I dump them onto my iMac, which has two Time Machine HDs. LOL my phone photos aren’t really precious. More like abstract efforts. :rofl:


As long as one has a backup strategy of some sort and clearly you do.


I learned that lesson as well and Google has lost an entire month of my images as well.

Currently as we speak my photos on google photos on my PHONE show up to date (today 07/25/18) BUT
my PC only shows photos on google photos from the middle of SATURDAY 07/21/18
No idea how they reflect different images? They are supposed to be synced correct? I emailed google last night but this is frustrating.

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