Google Photos is not automatically uploading?


I love Google Photos. I used to take pictures, open up Google Photos on my computer and the photos were there waiting for me. But now, when I open up Google Photos they are not there. I have to open up the app on my phone and wait for them to upload. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy 8 with the most recent updates. Any suggestions? I’ve played with all of the settings?

Are u referring to the auto sync feature of Photos and Drive to your PC?

Google removed this feature…the ability for Google Photos to sync to Google Drive and is how many had setup to have their photos auto download to their PC. They sent emails out and had pop up notifications in the Photos app telling everyone of this highly requested change, since it was confusing users, so they say.

You will need to go to the Google Photos website to view and download each photo manually. Read more here.


Or switch to say OneDrive.

This is a refresh issue with your browser… just press F5 or Ctrl+F5 to reload the page and then it should refresh it to the latest info.

Edit: Note that simply doing Ctrl+r or clicking on the reload icon does not work because it reloads cached content which does not get the latest info. Opening your Photos app…essentially conveys to the photos server that cached content is out of date and therefore if you do that additional step of opening the app…then a page refresh also works to get you the new data.

Refreshing does not always work to update a web page these days with advanced content…todays browsers as well as end users routers and even local DNS server will still serve up the same cahced page. I edit some websites frequently for clients and my own site…i nor they see the changes even when the click refresh button or F5. Often times, opening a Private Browser tab, and loading the page there will show the changes. Clear browser cache and history almost always works. If the page is not update after a full browser clear, and it does not change in other browser, then its is local OS DNS cacheing happening. DNS resolver cache is easy to clear in Windows via CLI. That don’t work, its the actual router/DNS by users provider, which will flush it self after some preset time.

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