Google Photos mobile data usage

What phone do you have? Pixel 3a, Android 10

What plan are you on? Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 gb data

Issue Description

Without my awareness, Google Photos ate up half my data allowance. I read the various suggestions, checked my Settings and attempted to Turn Off Mobile Data. But RW wants mobile data available for its operations. So I'm confused - not for the first time! Android 10 seems to use different nomenclature which adds another layer of questions. Appreciate any help.

Hello @donnag.346

The setting your looking for (to keep Google photos from using your cell data and to only use wifi) can be found in the Google Photos app itself.


You can instead use the “Data Freeze” option in the Republic App that does the same as turning off your data while still allowing Republic to have the access it needs for your service to work properly.


Thank you muchly for this advice! I had eventually found this Cellular Data Backup. It is different from the older android settings, if I recall correctly. Very helpful!

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Thank you veddy much! I had wondered what this Data freeze setting meant. Not understanding it, I had left it unchecked. Now I know! :grin:

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