Google Photos: Select one of two accounts


New Moto Z, I have 2 Gmail accounts, signed on under Gmail A, added Gmail B. I want to backup Photos to Gmail B but it is not showing up as an option.


open the Photo app then tap the three bar icon in the left side of the search bar

then tap the little arrow next to your account name here where you can add another google account (if account already on phone it will give the option to use it)

this is also how you can switch between the accounts


When I do that, it shows Gmail A. When I attempt to add Gmail B, it says “This account already exists on your device” but does not give me the option of choosing Gmail B.


I current using 2 account with photos are you sure the B Gmail account not already listed below the A Gmail when you tap the small down arrow next to the A Gmail?


I deleted Gmail B, then went to Photos and added it, it is now backing up. Thank you for your help and time.