Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL BYOP Support


We’re excited to announce that we’ll be supporting the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL through our BYOP program!


New Phone Joins our Bring Your Own Phone Lineup

Any chance of this showing up as a CDMA option? Looks like a great device, but I’m not in a BYOP area.

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Strangely at this time RW doesn’t normally share CDMA compatibility information of BYOP only(RW doesn’t sell) phones.

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This is not a phone we are selling so it will only be BYOP. We are working to make phones that can do CDMA work with CDMA but the time frame for that involves multiple companies so an ETA would be a wild guess.



Fair enough. Good to hear that BYOP for CDMA phones is at least in the works, even without an ETA.



so if I preorder one now, will republic wireless support it by the time it arrives on Oct 17?



Typically we have been able to add support for activation of our new, approved, pure Android devices within a few hours of their delivery, and we will be making every effort to duplicate or improve upon that experience.



Nice phone… quite expensive. Probably not going to happen for me anytime soon, but I hope it works well for those who will be able to use it.

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Do you plan to update the list of BYOP with these phones?



Hi @brianl.utdgvu,

Yes. They will be added.



OK, I’ve never purchased an unlocked phone before, but I’m interested in the Pixel 2 to replace my aging Moto X2. So let me see if I understand how this works.

  1. Place my pre-order for Pixel 2 phone on Google Store.
  2. Do I need to make a separate purchase of a RW SIM kit?
  3. Upon receipt, insert new SIM card and activate.
  4. I’ll still be able to keep my current phone number.
  5. Upon activation, I must switch from current CDMA network carrier to GSM network carrier?
  6. Upon activation, I must switch from current 2.0 refund plan to Clear Choice 3.0 plan?
    Is that accurate?


Hi @etphonehome,

You’ve nailed it as far as the process of purchasing an approved unlocked phone for use on Republic’s network is concerned. The only caveat I see with the Pixel 2s is the possibility of a short delay (history suggests but does not guarantee hours) between the phones actually being released and being capable of activating a Republic SIM.

For the sake of clarity, you would indeed need to purchase a new Republic SIM.



Thanks @rolandh! One last question (that hopefully I would never have to explore), if after activation of the phone on RW, I determine that the GSM network isn’t going to work for me (and RW isn’t able to work out CDMA access on BYOP program phones), I could leave RW and switch to another carrier at any time?

Also, my understanding is that RW has no plans at this time to offer phones capable of using both networks to operate (similar to Project Fi) and switch seamlessly back and forth between the two networks. Is that right?



You’re most welcome! Like all phones qualified for use with Republic 3.0, the Pixel 2s are North American factory unlocked and may be activated with any service provider willing to accept them. I’m confident, Republic will eventually be able to provision all compatible qualified phones with its CDMA network partner. If it comes to that and Republic isn’t able to do so before you need to make a move coming back at a later date should be an option as well.

While I suspect this is an aspirational goal for Republic, there are no known definitive plans to do so. I would point out to date only Google has done so and then only with phones over which it has complete control of the operating system. Republic (and others) is working with off-the-shelf equipment if you will. No longer does it modify the Android operating system.



Republic Wireless, This is great news. Will we be able to use the same sim (original Pixel) card or have to buy a new one? Is it too early to answer?

Thank you



No carrier other than Google Fi works with the pixel eSIM and I wouldn’t
expect it any time soon.



I think Regid was asking if a new sim card would be needed. Not asking about the eSim card.

Will we be able to use the same sim (original Pixel) card or have to buy a new one?



Thanks, you may be right.

So, to reanswer the question.

The depends. If you have a SIM that you bought from Republic, and haven’t had any interaction with support, to move you to the other carrier partner, you should be able to reuse your SIM. Take a look at the SIM, if the “public” part of Republic is in green, then the SIM can be moved.

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I have the original Moto X and have pre-ordered a Pixel 2 XL. Can I pre-order a SIM for it? If not when can I order the SIM?

Thanks, Don



Hi @donaldd.3vx9hi,

The Pixel 2 XL will use the SIM card we currently sell in our online store:


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