Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL BYOP Support



Thanks, you may be right.

So, to reanswer the question.

The depends. If you have a SIM that you bought from Republic, and haven’t had any interaction with support, to move you to the other carrier partner, you should be able to reuse your SIM. Take a look at the SIM, if the “public” part of Republic is in green, then the SIM can be moved.


I have the original Moto X and have pre-ordered a Pixel 2 XL. Can I pre-order a SIM for it? If not when can I order the SIM?

Thanks, Don


Hi @donaldd.3vx9hi,

The Pixel 2 XL will use the SIM card we currently sell in our online store:


Cool, thanks


Another BYOP Pixel 2/2 XL question. I went ahead and pre-ordered a Pixel 2 from the Google Store and also purchased a new Republic SIM card on Amazon. As far as system updates and security updates, a big selling point of Pixels is that they get those first, immediately after they’re made available. Will this be true on RW too?


Hi @etphonehome,

RW does nothing that would affect the availability of an update. For more details see:


Thanks! The Pixel 2 and 2 XL have a Verizon variant, so after reading this, does that mean all of the unlocked versions should get updates immediately upon release from Google, but the Verizon variant might have a different release date?


I don’t believe that Republic can provide you the answer regarding how or if Verizon is involved in the update process. All they can really say is that any phone used with Republic will receive the update as fast as, well, as fast as that phone used anywhere else.

More details would have to come from the manufacturer.


That is correct. I have a Pixel XL (1st gen) under RW wireless. I was asking if I would just take the card out of that one and put it in a new Pixel 2 XL.


Officially it is recommended to get a new SIM when moving to a new Phone

If your Pixel XL currently on the GSM Partner one may move the SIM to the new phone and it should work (though the phone information on your account will not be may not be updated)

If your currently on the CDMA partner (this would of taken a interaction from republic to improve your coverage to the CDMA partner) then a New SIM is a must (I don’t think the Pixel 2/Pixel XL 2 will have the option to be moved to CDMA at first)


Generally, moving a Republic GSM SIM from one supported phone to another works. One will see a short “activation” sequence on the new phone. While, on occasion, phone information in one’s My Account portal may not update immediately, usually it does do so. Things have improved in this regard since 3.0’s launch.

All bring your own phones must first be activated provisioned for coverage with Republic’s GSM partner regardless of existing SIM status. Compatible phones, where appropriate, may then be moved to CDMA with assistance from Republic support. My understanding is the same as yours, that the Pixel 2s (though hardware compatible with CDMA networks) will initially be restricted to provisioning with Republic’s GSM partner. Republic continues work with its CDMA partner on a technical restriction currently preventing provisioning of some CDMA compatible phones with that CDMA partner.

@regid, if you’d like to remove some of the mystery from this, take a look at the SIM in your Pixel XL. If the “public” portion of Republic is in green letters, it’s GSM. Otherwise, it is CDMA.


Thanks for the write up. I’ll check when I can find a space to look. I do hope that southpaw or other staff officially replies to this. But I suspect it will be an official documented process before the first Pixel 2s arrive.


You’re quite welcome!

As far as I know, the official documented process for activating any supported bring your own phone with Republic is to acquire and use a new Republic BYOP SIM. By definition, Republic BYOP SIMs are GSM.

Your question, if I understand correctly, is whether it might be possible to move the active SIM from your Pixel XL to one of the new Pixel 2s. The answer is indeed it is likely possible. That said, officially documented processes and what can work aren’t necessarily the same thing. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have the smaller Pixel 2 on pre-order. If you want to play with either model, select Verizon Wireless stores as of yesterday have working display models you can check out.


@etphonehome: When you get your phone can you create new thread giving your first impressions and, specifically the battery life based on your usage?

I like the idea of the Pixel 2 quite a lot, but the iPhone-like bezel, lack of expandable storage and, most importantly, the smaller battery are a concern to me. I realize that running stock Android on a smaller display might mitigate the battery issue and that’s what I’m interested to know.

I would really appreciate any info that you can share with us.


Be happy to @apples2androids. My order is showing ship date of 10/17 and delivery by 10/19. After I get the phone set up, I’ll give it a few days for the battery to settle in.

I have a few concerns myself about battery life with the 2700 mAh battery but am hoping with Doze and all of the other software optimizations, that will be sufficient to get me through a day with battery to spare. My Moto X (2nd Gen) only has a 2300 mAh battery and is a 5.2 in AMOLED 1080p display vs. the Pixel 2’s 5.0 in AMOLED 1080p display, so in that regard, it compares favorably.

I thought about the Pixel 2 XL but I prefer the smaller form factor. The 2 XL has a larger battery, but then it also has a 6.0 in Quad HD display.


Great, I’ll be on the lookout for your thread. I too came from the 2300 mAh MX2, which is exactly why I bought the 3510 mAh Moto Z Play! –But, like you intimated, it’s just too big. I do like the smaller form factor of the Pixel 2, but the bezel, lack of microSD, and battery have scared me away. And that’s where you come in, with the real world user info of this phone. :blush:

I’m thinking of either an S7 Edge or S8 on Black Friday. I was heavily leaning toward S7Edge until S8 dropped by $100. The width of either phone works much better for me in terms of hand/thumb reach.


I don’t think anything will compare to the Moto Z Play as far as battery life. I almost bought one a few months back when RW put it on sale but it’s just too big for my taste.

The S8 was very tempting and addresses some of your concerns about bezels and expandable storage. My wife has a S6. Nice phone but I’ve just never been a fan of TouchWiz. I decided to go with the Pixel in case I decide to give Project Fi a go and I like the fact I’ll be getting fastest updates.


I understand that logic @etphonehome. I’ve been down that rule of thought myself. I hope you ordered the eSim for your phone, since it’s free just in case.

Coming from a Moto X2 with smaller battery that had started imploding upon daily usage, I was strongly considering the S7 Edge, and was getting ready to purchase it from B&H Photo when I found a great deal on the MZ Play. I loved it at first, coming from that X2 battery, and I still do like it. But I’m a massage therapist with a hand injury so I picked up on the heft of the phone rather quickly, noticing that it’s difficult to use without 2 carefully placed hands. I do love the battery and only have to charge every 2-3 days, but I’m now not sure the cost of the size/weight is worth it. I really like the much narrower S7 Edge and S8 and, theoretically, the Pixel 2, and per your post earlier today, I’m planning to go check it out at Verizon sometime this weekend.

I hope this works well for you.


For anyone thinking about buying either of these phones, this Thursday is the last day to order if you want to receive the free Google Home Mini–but the Mini won’t ship with the phone, presumably because they’re waiting until after the return period has passed.

“Limited-time offer applies to redemption of one Google Home Mini device, Chalk color only, with the order of a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL from Google Store in the U.S. starting October 4, 2017 through October 19, 2017 while supplies last. After a qualifying purchase of a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, a promo code will be emailed approximately 4-6 weeks from the Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL shipment date.”