Google Pixel 2 and Republic


Any word if the Pixel2 will be able to be used with republic wireless as a a BYOD?


The Pixel 2 is not even released so it is not able to be given word on yet.


You may remember several phones that RW has announced prior to being released?


No I do not. Maybe announce right after the mfg announced, but the mfg is always first. Did Google announce this phone yet? Did I miss the initial official announcement unveiling?

I know you know where I am coming from on this. Is there something I am missing? Am I projecting a different than normal stance?

We do not talk about phones that are not announced typically not before released and never before our marketing/product team announces.


Any idea if RW will release a phone that could actually fry bacon?. With today’s technology you would certainly think someone could create a phone that would direct microwaves in a contained and orderly fashion.



The bacon frying phone has been rumored for some time, has been announced but not released so it is not able to be given word on yet.


I would get the bacon frying phone even if it didn’t work on RW… I only ask about the pixel because I can get the 1st generation for 400 dollars right now, but I hear the pixel 2 is an October 2017 release and maybe I should wait. But if I wait and can’t bring it to RW then I may be missing out on this deal. #Firstworldproblems


I remember a time when my 1s4t gen Moto X got hot enough I think it could cook bacon :bacon: [playing a graphic heavy game while plugged in in a hot car int the summer] heck even my 2nd Gen my do this [I had times when the screen got very hot to the touch]


Recommend you listen to seanr and not to count on RW approving the the new Pixels.


I believe that Samsung released the bacon frying phone last year. They called it the Note 7 or something.


I actually don’t think that’s what Sean at all. He simply said they won’t talk about a phone that hasn’t even been confirmed, by the manufacturer, to exist yet. He said nothing about not counting on RW approving them.


I was thinking the same thing. I went with the current gen XL for about $400. Personally Getting a Pixel XL for only $400 was a pretty amazing deal. The first gen is still a powerhouse of a device and If you still care about things like a headphone jack and can live without the rumored near bezel free display, I would jump on that deal. The Pixel 2 is easily going to cost double what the XL is currently going for.

Also remember that Google has promised that it will still get updates through at least 2018. So most likely up to android P.


Now that is my kind of phone! :joy: :bacon:


Where are you able to get a Pixel for $400? Is this a used or refurbished phone?

#15 had both on sale 399 for the pixel and 449 for pixel xl they were refurbished phones.


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I got my XL from I found a promo code from the 9to5google’s website at the time. It took off an additional $40 from the original refurbished price for the 32gb model.


Nothing would make me happier. Passing on to R&D now. :bacon::bacon::bacon:


Probably. RW’s selling Google’s wireless router and supports the Nexus and Pixel lines. The only question is how long it’ll take to announce their support for the Pixel (XL) 2. Google’s debuting it October 4th, so look more towards that date to hear from RW.