Google Pixel 2 XL not working on RW. RW app says my phone is not compatible. BYOD SIM installed


What phone do you have? Google Pixel 2 XL (G011C)

What plan are you on? Unlimited Talk and Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 3G data

Issue Description

Im a current RW customer. I recently purchased a Google Pixel 2 XL. I order the SIM kit from RW . I inserted the sim card and installed the republic wireless app. When the app checked my phone it said that my phone is not compatible on RW. I checked the model number and I have the appropriate one, (G011C). How do I get this phone to work on RW network? Do I need some sort of authorization?


What is the software version and build number on the phone?

Where did you buy the phone from? New from Google…or used elsewhere?


It did not come straight from Google but it was “new” in box from a company on ebay. The build number is OPD3.170816.012. Android version 8.0.0.


That is VERY out of date. ( a whole year our of date) Run the System updates. There are many of them up to Android 9.0. Pixel phones get an update each month.

Edit: That build is original software release for that model. There are about a dozen updates since then. Also, that build indicates its the VZW version of the phone. It should still be compatible with R.W. though, unless it was a financed device from VZW that was not paid off before it was re-sold, then it may be “blacklisted”.


My understanding is the updates are not cumulative, (so each one builds on the previous) … so you will probably need to just keep updating one after another until there are no more


ok. Im in the process of performing updates on it as we speak.


Is there a way to know if it was blacklisted? The original SIM was VZW.


You can enter in the IMEI number into a checker like this:

fyi, i find Swappa a much better place to buy used and new phones from. As they require the IMEI check and have much stronger regulation in place, unlike Ebay.


Ok, thanks for that. I entered the number and it states the phone is not blacklisted and ok to activate.


I would hope that updating the phones OS to current would resolve the R.W app from saying their phone is not compatible.

@ christopherw.hjvwqb Where you able to do all the updates and did that resolve your issue?


That did the trick, it worked. Thank you so much for your help. It completed one update to get to Android version 9.0 and the RW app immediately started when I restarted my phone. I am now up and running.


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