Google Pixel 3 compatibility with republic wireless?


I’m going to Europe in May and looking to upgrade my wife’s phone to the google pixel 3 (unlocked). Will that work with republic wireless plans? I’m assuming I will need to by the SIM card?


Hi @drock,

Any Pixel purchased from Google’s online store is compatible with Republic. As for needing a SIM, we can provide better insight on that if we knew the brand, model and generation of her current Republic phone.


I use a Pixel 3 with RW on the My Choice Plan , since Black Friday. Works well.

Note, The BYOP phones such as the Pixel, can not be used on the older 2.0 Refund based plans.


Thanks for the reply! Her current phone is Moto G 1st gen. I’m assuming we need a SIM to change to a Google Pixel 2


The Legacy phone the Moto G 1st gen is a 3G phone and does not have a SIM card. These old phones are locked to the old 2.0 Refund Plans and also on the CDMA Sprint Netwrok partner.

The new phones require the BYOP SIM card and you to change to the My Choice Plan. ($15 + $5 per 1GB) and uses the GSM Tmoible network partner, so you will have different coverage. However, the Pixel 3 does support the same CDMA network, so if after you active the phone with GSM, you find the coverage not as good, you can request a CDMA SIM later.

You can order the BYOP SIM here: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless

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