Google Pixel 3 GA00466US Compatible with RW?

Looking to upgrade from my Moto Z Play to a Pixel 3. I’m looking at a used 128gb phone with the model number listed as GA00466-US and the listing is “Factory Unlocked”. Will this work with Republic service?

Yes, it will.


Ok I was actually wondering the same thing. I just got a new pixel 3a and i am not sure if this i my doing or not but it said that service is not compatible with the phone model.

Then again it might just be me :skull:

@kyless_89 The Pixel 3a is compatible with Republic.
What was the exact error message you got that said it was not compatible.?

Okay actually I figured out what was wrong. See I was just testing to see if my old sim card from a moto e5 play would work in the pixel 3a but it said incompatible with the device. I assume that it was designed for a Motorola based hardware system and didn’t work with the pixel 3a.

But I already ordered a new sim card and it is on its way right now :slight_smile:
Thank you for helping though!

Hi @kyless_89,

Theoretically, a Republic SIM that works in a Moto E5 Play would work with a Republic compatible Pixel 3a. The SIM isn’t specifically designed for Motorola hardware.

If you open the Republic app on the Pixel 3a with no SIM resident, does the app invite you to buy a SIM?

Perhaps it has been deactivated for more than 20 days?

No that’s not it, I think its just that it was made for a Motorola and then I put it into a google phone that wasn’t set up for a sim card so it didn’t work properly

*And also no I didn’t get any republic setup apps or anything to help with it so it could have just been that too

Hi @kyless_89,

I hope you have your Pixel working now with the new SIM card.

Just so we don’t lead anyone astray, though, I want to be completely clear that we don’t sell any Republic Wireless SIM cards “made for a Motorola.” There are various reasons one SIM card might not be able to be moved to another phone, and we want to help people understand those reasons and resolve any trouble at all getting a phone activated, but we also don’t want anyone to see this conversation and then open a Help Ticket demanding a SIM card that is “made for a Motorola” (or made for a Pixel) as our Help Team would not be able to assist with such a request.

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