Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL now supported for BYOP

Thank you! I guess I would have assumed it would be the same SIM as the original Pixel 3, but that’s probably not a safe assumption. I look forward to your update!

It may still be the CDMA SIMOTA that the Pixel 3 uses and republic just does’t know yet but since the Pixel 3 was release Sprint has release another type (SIMOTAv2) this new SIM type is being required on the Moto G7 line (I will not the Samsung S10 line still uses the SIMOTA and it cam about the same time as the Moto G7)
the SIMOTAv2 is not yet compatible with Republic but Republic is working on it with Sprint, hopefully it will be ready sometime this summer

one would also expect the Moto G5+ and the Moto G5S+ to use the same CDMA SIM but they use different SIMs types

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Good points. I guess I’ll just be patient!

This Google support page seems to indicate that SIM cards are interchangeable between Pixel phones. Hopefully that turns out to be correct. My concern is that CDMA is not specifically mentioned.

swapping phones by swapping SIM has always been a GSM feature and a GSM SIM is the same for all the Pixels
CDMA does uses SIMs but needs one for the LTE networks and does not really support swapping SIM between phones (in the CDMA world the phone is link to the Network via the IMEI number and not the SIM, where GSM the link to the network is done via the SIM and not the physical phone so swapping a SIM would move the service with it) Verizon is becoming a LTE network (shutting down CDMA and using LTE for phone activation like GSM (LTE is based on GSM)

To be clear. At this time the Pixel 3a can not be CDMA activated with Republic. They’re working on it, but we don’t yet have an ETA on this. Even once it is, CDMA SIM swapping is not supported so you would have to work with support to get that coverage.

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Thanks for the updated info, everyone. Obviously I’m a little (overly) hyped about the 3a/3a XL.

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Hi @revmra,

We are now able to offer CDMA coverage for the Pixel 3a and 3a XL. I’ve updated the top article to remove the original language that had confused and disappointed you. :smile_cat:

YES! Great news. You are my personal hero :slight_smile:

Guess I know what I’ll be doing soon…

Will I need to get a new CDMA SIM card or will the one in my Moto X Pure work?

Hi @revmra,

You will need a new SIM card from our Help Team.

I know that I need a CDMA sim card. Is there a way to buy it to begin with? From what I can tell it looks like right now I would have to buy the byop sim and wait for it to arrive at which point I would have terrible coverage because it would be a GSM sim and then I could write a help ticket and request a CDMA sim. Is there anyway to request it be CDMA when you buy it (T-mobile is awful in our area)?

Hi @lauram.gnewih,

We do not offer the CDMA SIM card in our online store, but you can go ahead and let our Help team know of your need for CDMA SIM card and they can process the order.

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It seems like the original post has been edited again. Is CDMA not yet supported? I started a help ticket to get a SIM and they said that it is GSM only for now. Is this the same situation as the Moto G7?

I just received an update from the help ticket and they confirmed that the Pixel 3as are CDMA compatible. Guess a bit of confusion is to be expected with a brand new device.

Hi @revmra,

I last edited the top post on 5/16, when I also replied personally to you, and nothing has changed since then. I’m sorry to see there was some confusion in your ticket, but glad to see it has been straightened out.

Edited to add:

I just want to emphasize again that nothing has changed about my top post since I updated you. The language there is meant to be clear that the SIM card offered in our online store provides coverage with only one of the partners (GSM) and if that coverage is not good for you, the Help team can provide a different SIM card (CDMA). I’m following up with the agent who misinterpreted my words in his reply to you, and again, I’m very sorry this was such a cause for confusion.

That’s what I thought too, southpaw, but I guess that’s what I get for trying to deal with this so late in the evening. I should have waiting until this morning when I could think more clearly. Anyway, I have a CDMA SIM in transit. Thank you for all of your help!

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I just ordered the 3aXL. I currently have the Pixel XL. Can I just transfer the sim card?

It depends on which SIM card you have:


Thanks! Looks like I should be good with the GSM card.

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