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What phone do you have? google pixel 3a

What plan are you on? data $20/month

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes

Issue Description

I am unable to recieve a code from my bank in order to send a wire.

I get text messages from them and I am enrolled to receive texts, but when it comes to receiving a code to verify my identity, I dont receive the code.

A couple months ago, my remote job employer wanted to set us all up to receive texts. A few of us, me included were not able to receive the texts from them.
I would like an answer as to why this happens. As I see it, i either need a new bank or a new phone!

Hi @jeaninep.ywq3wv and welcome to the Community!

It’s not your phone. Please allow me to provide some context. Republic numbers are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Republic’s use of VoIP is part of the nature of its’ blended WiFi/cell service.

Some service providers object to VoIP numbers because according to the FCC, they are landlines (wireline is the more correct industry term) and these providers believe VoIP numbers are incapable of receiving text messages. There is nothing Republic can do to change this regulatory classification. As you know, your Republic number is fully capable of receiving both calls and text messages.

Other service providers believe VoIP numbers are a security risk. They are wrong about this, however, Republic cannot control the policy decisions of others.

I understand you might not feel comfortable sharing it, however, if we knew the identity of your bank, we might be able to offer further insight.

Regarding the issue with the referenced remote job employer, is that still ongoing? I ask because I think the explanation for that may be different.

Thanks roland…my remote job is furloughed so no.

My bank is Wells Fargo.

Hi @jeaninep.ywq3wv,

My mom’s account on which I’m a joint signer is with Wells Fargo. Until very recently, Wells Fargo refused to send any text communication to Republic numbers for the reasons I outlined in my initial reply.

Recently, like you, I started receiving text messages from Wells Fargo, however, codes sent for multi-factor authentication still failed. In fact, when I attempted to set up multi-factor authentication, the option to receive a code via text message to any number (Republic or otherwise) was missing. What was there is an option to have a code sent to Wells Fargo’s mobile app. Might that be an option for you?

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That’s helpful and I wouldn’t be surprised if they maneuvered that so people will get the app.

In general I try not to get too many apps, and definitely not for banking.

Hmmm! I wonder if I would still have that problem at another bank….I could try my fifth third account; not sure if you know anything about them??

Hi @jeaninep.ywq3wv,

Our Community members have compiled a list of banks for which they are aware this kind of problem exists here: Alternative Bank Authentication Methods
I don’t see Fifth Third Bank on that list, so no one has let us know of any verification issues with that bank, yet. Please give it a try and let us know how it goes.

According to Fifth Third offers only SMS based 2FA. That doesn’t tell us whether they’ll accept your Republic number, but does tell us if they won’t, they don’t offer an alternative.

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