Google Pixel 4a from Amazon?

I want to buy a Pixel 4a, but they’re out of stock in the Republic store. There is an option to buy a Pixel 4a from Amazon with a separate Republic SIM card. How difficult a process is it to install the SIM card and then transfer my old phone number to my new phone. (My old phone is a Moto G5+, if it matters.)

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First let’s find out what kind of SIM your G5+ has. If it is a GSM SIM you’ll be able to move it from the moto to the new Pixel 4a (I am soo jealous! What a nice phone!) :grinning:

Here is how to tell the SIM type:

If it’s CDMA SIM you can get one here:

Once you have the new phone and SIM ready you can pop it into the phone, sign in with your Google account and use the Republic App (download if necessary) to move your phone number to the Pixel.

Here is a Tip and Trick post that can help:

Any other questions? Let us know! And enjoy the 4a! :grinning:


Hi @keng.tdoill ,

If you’d feel more comfortable ordering from our online store, please hang on and keep an eye on the Pixel 4a page. We’ve been able to secure one additional order of these phones and hope to have them back in the store by the end of the day tomorrow (5/25), possibly sooner.


Thanks! I’ll keep an eye on that because, yes, I’d prefer to order directly from the Republic store if possible. I appreciate the info!

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Any word on when the Pixel 4a’s will be in stock in the Republic store. It still shows up as “Out Of Stock” for me.

Hi @keng.tdoill,

I’m not sure if this just happened, or if you’re seeing some browser/server caching, but I’m seeing the “add to cart” button when I view the Pixel 4A in our online store.

If you’re still seeing an “out of stock” button you might try clearing your browser cache or visiting the page in incognito mode.

I ordered. Thanks!

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I got a Pixel 4a through Republic a short time ago, and I hate to say it, but if I had known what my experience was going to be like, I would probably have stuck with the maker of my previous phone. Can’t say that all the issues (some admittedly small) were the fault of the phone, but there have been quite a few, too many to be a coincidence, in my view.

One fault that I can pin on the phone is it’s lack of a real, no joke FM radio tuner. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to listen to music the old fashioned way, over the air, as opposed to through some streaming service, which in my experience has the annoying habit of cutting out for no discernable reason as I take my pandemic walks. Having no FM radio tuner is extremely lame.

One other piece of extremely sage advice…when you’re ready to get a new phone, think several times before buying one from a different manufacturer than your current phone. They may both be Android phones technically, but there can be plenty of ‘hiccupps’ in the transfer of settings, data, etc from one to another, and having the same manufacturer can make that a tad less likely.

Very few phones include an FM tuner any more. Samsung Note 20, nope. Samsung S21, nope. Moto G Stylus, nope. Moto G Power, yes. Moto G Play, nope. Moto one 5G ace, nope. Samsung A21 nope, Galaxy S10 nope, Galaxy S10e nope, etc etc etc.

So what? Still lame. Suspect it’s partly because there is some perceived advantage in forcing users to stream as opposed to listening over the air. Nice try…

I was responding to your assertion that this somehow made your Pixel 4a different than other phones in the market when it in fact makes it pretty much like every other phone in the market. You may find that “lame”, but the manufacturer’s think that there isn’t demand just like my latest car didn’t even have an option for a CD Player.

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