Google Pixel 4a is now supported for BYOP

If you’re questioning whether or not Google actually does 2-day shipping, the last time I ordered my phone did indeed arrive 2 days after my shipping notification. As with any company and transport method, covid could have an impact on delivery time.

That’s so great to hear. Thank you!

Great news! I have my Pixel 4a on order. I currently have a Moto G5S Plus with a GSM sim card. Based on the below thread I should be able to use the old sim in the Pixel 4a correct?

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Yep! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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I currently have the Moto X4 on a CDMA SIM. If I understand it correctly, CDMA SIMs are tied to the IMEI of the device meaning that I would not want to put my current SIM in the 4a. Since CDMA coverage is better in my location I would be putting a ticket in requesting one (once I have the IMEI).

Do I need to order the BYOP SIM for the 4a if I will be requesting a CDMA SIM?

That is correct, @RyanK15. You must request a CDMA SIM for the new phone from Republic staff if you are purchasing the phone from another vendor.

You’ll find instructions for doing that at the link here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help

If I purchase a BYOP Pixel 4a, can I request a CDMA sim card? My zip 05701 is not GSM friendly.

Hi @brimstone,

Yes, you can request one here:

I also have a G5S Plus and am considering getting a Pixel 4A. How would I know if I have a GSM sim card or need to order the SIM kit from RW?

Hi @gregk.88silz,

Please see this:

Please don’t place an order for a SIM card. If your current card is GSM, you can move it. If the current card is CDMA, you’ll want to contact the coverage team as described in the Help Article posted by @SuperT.

Thank you… very helpful!

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Is there a map of nationwide coverage with this SIM card? I’m only temporarily living somewhere and I don’t want to need to replace everything if I move. I’ll admit that I don’t really understand the different SIM cards you are talking about either.

Sorry, I know the info is probably somewhere, but I just ordered a Pixel 4a. It’s a big step up for me. I have a Moto E4. So, woo-woo.

Anyway, just want to confirm that I can move my SIM card from my Moto E4 to my Pixel 4a. Again, sorry if it’s already somewhere in the community. This is a big splurge for me and I want to make sure I’m ready for the phone when it comes in


It’s actually in this thread. Just go thru the info in the previous posts above this.
Also this:

I am considering replacing my Moto X4 with a Google Pixel 4a purchased from Amazon. Three questions:

  1. The RW sim card from Amazon is only $1 - should I put that in the Pixel or move my Moto X4 sim card to the Pixel?
  2. How do I check the coverage for 43606 compared to the good RW coverage on my Moto X4?
  3. How satisfied are RW customers now using the Pixel 4a? (The reviews on Amazon are confusing - lots of good reviews by new purchasers who just got the phone vs negatives by some who have had it a few months or more but who might be hard-to-please buyers.)

Hi @nathans.muyejm,

Whether the SIM in your Moto X4 would move to a new compatible phone is an it depends. Please see here: Moving a Current Republic SIM When Upgrading to a New Compatible Phone.

If your Moto X4’s SIM will move, the question is moot. You would enjoy the same good coverage you get on the Moto X4. Were you able to determine if the SIM will move?

I can’t speak directly to this one as I do not have a Pixel 4a in the household. I do have a Pixel 4 XL and before that a Pixel 2 XL in the household. My experience with Pixels generally is they’re great phones.

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Thank you for your swift and helpful response. I checked as instructed and my current sim card is GSM. If that means my RW coverage on the Pixel 4a will be just as good as on my Moto X4 I guess that question is answered although of course I will still spring for the $1 new sim card to avoid worrying about cutting down the card.
Glad to hear of your good personal experiences with Pixels. I hope more Pixel owners will also pitch in with good or bad experiences before I decide to hit the buy button. My Moto X4 is still in good shape but since adding so many home automation apps 32GB is just way too small for me even though I do not keep any photos or video on my internal card. I am down to the essentials but still get capacity warnings every day at 92% used even after disabling unused non-removable bloatware apps.

You’re welcome!

No need for concern as both your Moto X4 and any Pixel you decide to purchase use the same (nano) SIM size.

Me too, the more the merrier.

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I’ve personally had the Pixel 2, 3XL and 4XL. Loved them all.

My son currently has the Pixel 4a 5G and loves it. He tells me all the time how he won’t consider any phone in the future other than a Pixel.

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