Google Pixel 4a visual voicemail setup

How do I set up visual voicemail on the google pixel 4a, please?

Hi @pawhite410 There shouldn’t be anything specific to set-up. As long as your phone is fully updated and running the latest Republic App, you should be able to see a “Voicemail” tab in the Phone App. Are you not seeing it there?

EDITED TO ADD: If you’re not seeing the Voicemail tab and everything is updated, you may be experiencing a bug in the Phone App that I previously thought was only impacting Moto phones, but have now seen a couple of reports that it is happening with Pixel devices too. If that’s the case you can uninstall the latest update to the app that cause the issue by following the steps here:
and the voicemail tab should return.


Yes, I do see the voicemail tab. Thank you.

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