Google Pixel 5 Messaging App Not Working

What phone do you have? Google Pixel 5

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1 G

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes data

Issue Description

95% of the time, android messaging app gives neither displayed notification of new message, nor a sound notification of a new message. While trying to troubleshoot, I can turn notifications off and then back on. I might immediately get a notification for the next text message received, but then 5 immediately after that I don’t get a notification, and then maybe 1 more after that I do.

I’ve checked:
App settings -
notifications are on; I’ve enabled “bubbles”, which sometimes work and sometimes don’t,
Phone sound settings - not silent
I’ve checked that notifications on lock screen is set to: show conversations, default, and silent
I have powered off and also restarted
Other app notifications work as expected, appearing in the display.

Any other suggestions?

Hi @joyful64.

Have you checked to make sure “Do Not Disturb” is not enabled, and that there is no function enabled on the phone that silences notifications when the phone is in a certain state, for example, face down?

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Thanks for reaching out - we’re newish grandparents, and have been busy traveling a bit since I posted :slight_smile: I can verify the phone is NOT on DND. I don’t know of a place to check the second troubleshooting - In Notifications/Advanced - I can verify that I have it set to “Show conversations, default, and silent”. I have “Sensitive notifications” toggled on, as well as the remainder of the “toggled” advanced notification settings.

I don’t have a Pixel, so I can’t find the exact path for you, but when you have a chance, try opening the settings app and then use the search function in the settings app to search for the word “flip”.

You might also try clearing the cache in the messaging app. (Don’t clear the data, that will wipe out any settings you’ve configured in the app.)

Ha - all of this time, how have I NEVER noticed that there’s a search feature in settings? Searching for flip nets 2 results:
Flip camera for selfie (obviously not what we’re looking for), or
Flip to Shhh, in System - Gestures. The options there that could be relevant (and are turned on) include:
Tap to check phone - to check time, notifications, and other info by tapping on the screen
Lift to check phone - to check time, notifications, and other info, pick up your phone

Also could be relevant, but is turned off:
Use flip to Shhh - To turn on Do Not Distrub, place your phone face down on a flat surface. You’ll feel a subtle vibration when Do Not Distrub turns on.

I’ve thought of uninstalling and reinstalling the stock messaging app - or trying to use a different app - but I don’t want to lose current message content…

Just to cross one more thing off the list. You have a decent cellular signal, correct?

Yep. The messaging app is irregular both when on wifi, and strong cell service. But thanks for chiming in!

I don’t know what “bubbles” do. I have them disabled. Also, make sure “chat features” are disabled. Chat features are not supported by Republic Wireless:

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I’m capable of completely forgetting about it and being surprised each time I rediscover it.

Your text messages are stored in a database on the phone that each messaging app reads, not in the messaging app itself. So as long as you’re talking about SMS and MMS text messages, they will not be deleted by changing apps. You could also use a third-party app to back them up, just to be sure. (Not a bad idea, if there is important content there you’d hate to lose if the phone were damaged.)

One consideration is finding an app that works with our service.

OK. I’ve disabled “bubbles”, and disabled chat features. Tested it twice - 2 texts in a row, no notification on the notification bar or sound. Restarted the phone. Tested again - no notifications.

Thanks, it’s helpful to know the messages would not be lost. And I realize I misspoke earlier - I AM using Messages by Google.

Do you recommend uninstalling and reinstalling as a next step?

I’ll leave you in the good hands of @southpaw with one last piece of information. Here is Google’s help document on Messages notifications and settings:

I think an easier next step would be clearing the cache on the Messages app.

OK, force stopped, and cleared cache. Still no notification.

I’m afraid I’m out of ideas, @joyful64. Maybe another Pixel owner can chime in.

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