Google Pixel 5a with 5G - Fi + RW?

I bought a 5a… hoping and waiting for RW to confirm we can use it with BYOP, in the meantime, the purchase came with 3 months free of Google Fi. The message says " you can have Fi and another carrier active on your Pixel 5a with 5G at the same time."
My questions re:

  1. has anyone used both Fi & RW at the same time (and… if yes… WHY?)
  2. would it work if I set up to start on Fi until RW adds it to BYOP?


Hi @alyssak.z4snxr,

Yes, I have but using a Pixel 4 XL. Candidly, for me, it was an experiment to see if it would work, which with some quirks it did.

The fact a Pixel 5a is capable of using more than one SIM (a physical SIM and an eSIM) simultaneously does not change the fact Google’s Pixel 5a is not currently compatible with Republic service. If/when Republic is ready to say something regarding support for Google’s Pixel 5a, it would be said here: Announcements & News - Member Community.

Meanwhile an option would be to activate the Pixel 5a with Google Fi. If you wish to use your current Republic number with Google Fi, you would need to transfer your number there. Or, if willing to do so, you could get a new number with Google Fi and continue to use your Republic number on your current Republic phone.

If you choose to transfer your Republic number to Google Fi, doing so would cancel your Republic service. Like Republic, Google Fi is a prepaid no-contract service provider, so should Republic decide to support Google’s Pixel 5a in the future, you would be able to return to Republic by transferring your number back. It’s possible you would need to acquire a new Republic SIM to come back.


Sounds like a no-brainer to check out Google-Fi while you’re waiting on RW. Hopefully it’s not too complicated to sign up and leave before the promo runs out.

I would probably just get a brand new number on Google Fi so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of transferring your RW number to Google Fi and back.

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Waiting for my 5A 5G to be delivered. I got a new number for the 3 month Google Fi trial. Since I use a Google Voice number as my primary, all I need to do is add the new Goggle Fi number to Google Voice. (That’s way too many times to type “Google.”)

If after 3 months Republic still has not blessed the Pixel I will probably switch my wife and me to T Mobile’s 55+ deal. That would also solve the occasional issues I have with 2FA for banks, etc.,


Completely fair. Everyone needs to make the service decisions that work best for them and Republic/Dish need to live with the consequences of the changes/decisions that they make during and after this transition period.

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