Google Pixel Hidden phone number

Does anyone know how I can find my secondary phone number (I need a non-VoIP number for something) on my Google Pixel (with Republic)?

The underlying number is not as usefully on newer phones there no texting to that number and you don’t call out from it.

Unlocked Moto, Nexus & Pixel models

These instructions apply to all Moto models not listed as legacy models above, as well as Nexus and Pixel models from Google.

  1. Open the Phone app (the dialer that comes with the phone).
  2. Tap the button to bring up the number pad.
  3. Enter * # * # 4 6 3 6 # * # * on the number pad. A menu of Testing options will appear.
  4. Tap Phone information
  5. At the top of this page of information, the Phone number shown is the secondary number.
  6. Tap the Home button to dismiss the information screen.
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Oh :confused:

This is frustrating because, after viewing it, I can tell that it’s the reason I get more spam calls than I used to, but I can’t actually DO anything with it! Is that correct?

If the secondary number is the source of the referenced unwanted calls, Republic can change it if you open a ticket. If by doing something with it, you mean adding it to a do not call registry, that you could do. Please know, however, the national do not call registry isn’t taking new numbers at this time due to the government shutdown.


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