Google Pixel photo samples

Please share photos taken on your Google Pixel as replies in this topic.

Remember the following guidelines:

  1. No photos of people.
  2. Keep it “rated G”, please.
  3. Submit only your own, original photos.
  4. By submitting your photo, you understand that the photo is publicly visible and you permit Republic Wireless to use the photo to demonstrate phone camera quality.

Helpful information to include:

  1. A description of the environment and/or how quickly the phone was able to take the photo
  2. Any special settings or special effects you used
  3. If you used a third-party camera app, tell us about it
  4. Any post-production edits you made to the photo

Google Pixel (1st gen)
Misc category
No flash, +HDR
Summer Colors


Landscapes and scenery - night photography, no flash
Our beautiful sunset at Lake Murray, Lexington, SC.


Landscapes and scenery - night photography, no flash
Texas Star Hibiscus


Animals - bright sunlight
Dogs keeping watch… Pixel (original)

Animals - cloudy day, no flash
Dancing Queen… Taken on my Pixel (original), as zoomed in as I could get and then cropped around that darling!


Phone: Google Pixel
Category: Objects - indoors, no flash.
Notes: This is the general tso’s chicken with ham fried rice at my favorite Chinese restaurant, Lee’s Chinese in Carrollton GA.

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Pixel (original)
Landscapes and scenery - cloudy day, no flash
auto HDR + filter with an app called Prisma*
11:AM in the Castro
*bottom pic is the original for comparison.

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