Google Pixel - Screen Call Feature


What phone do you have? Pixel 2

What plan are you on? My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 GB

Issue Description

There is a new feature for Pixel phones called “Screen Call”. It is a very nice feature that uses AI to handle calls. The button appears to request a call to be screened but when selected the phone does not perform the screen function. It only answers the call.

The function works for other people. Could this be an issue caused by having Republic as my carrier? Is there a workaround? I would sure like to use this feature.


There is a known issue where when on wifi, this feature does not work correctly. If you disable wifi, does it work?



I always search before starting a thread but I guess I missed it somehow. Thank you very much!


I have the Pixel 2XL and the same issue happens with it. And as mentioned by others, it seems to happen only when connected to WiFi. Rather then even transfer the call to voicemail it just disconnects. If by chance it was a call you actually wanted to receive the caller doesn’t have a chance to even leave a message. Does anyone know if Republic is working on a fix? It’s a decent feature and at present with the state of spam and robo calls proliferating, it’s a good technique to avoid the unwanted interaction.


Please see the following answer: