Google Pixel XL

What phone do you have? Google Pixel XL

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

I know this should be simple but I just can’t figure out how to set up this new phone. I put the Republic sim card in and an lost after that. I’m an existing customer bringing a new to me used phone on board

Hi @heidig.u7h8um

Are you moving a SIM from another Republic phone to the Pixel (and if so what phone and model), or is this a new SIM you ordered for the Pixel?

I ordered a new Sim card

Try taking a trip though this guided doc, Activate – Republic Wireless
If you have problem post back where it let you down

Ok, and the phone (Pixel XL), where did you get that from?
Look at this page to check on:
How to Confirm a Phone You Have or Will Purchase Is Compatible with Republic Wireless

This should also get you going via signing into the Republic Wireless app.
You can get that here: Republic Wireless App

Or if you prefer a written process - How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card – Republic Help

This assumes the Pixel you purchased is compatible. Others have given you some good links. You might want to read the comments about the Google Pixel line in this Tips & Tricks article too – How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

A lot of information but well worth reading through. Hope all this helps!

Hi @heidig.u7h8um!

Were you able to get your Pixel XL set up?
Do you still need assistance?

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