Google play app

The google play app on my phone has stopped I can’t use my phone for anything and it has been shutting it self down when fully charged

Here is something to try:

  1. Start the phone in Safe Mode. If that solves the shut-down problem it is being caused by an app. Facebook is known to cause this problem. While you are in Safe Mode see if you can get to the Play Store.

Safe Mode

The link above presumes you have updated your Moto E (1st Gen) to Lollipop. If you haven’t then this link applies:

Safe Mode (KitKat 4.4.4)

My guess is the phone is out of memory. These phones have never had enough memory and that’s always going to be an issue every time an application updates.

A factory reset may fix it temporarily, however support may have a better idea.

To open a support ticket, go to the bottom of the help page. If the chat is available, that will be the fastest way to get support.

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