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I have Moto x 1st Gen. When I get into car Google play music app opens on its own even though I was not using it previously in or outside the car. Is there way to stop that? I’ve read on other sites about having to download another app to kill auto play. Seems excessive and unnecessary. I would think there is a phone or car setting.



Does this work?

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That feature seems to stem from certain cars’ Bluetooth system that sends a play command upon connection, which would result in Play Music starting playback sometimes, regardless of which music and audio apps you have installed on your phone.

The vehicle’s entertainment BT system setting need to be changed?

Is this a new issue or going on for some time?

BT can be turned off in phone Settings too.



Hi @matthewh.i8igrr,

Here’s another possibility. Check your settings in the Moto app.
Open the Moto app.
Tap the settings gear in the top right corner.
Tap "Assist"
Tap "driving"
At the bottom, there’s an option for “Play music.” Make sure it’s unchecked.



The one that seems most guilty of this is Ford Sync which seems to have a setting which triggers the default music app on the phone when a connection is made.



Thanks everyone for replies. I will do some further digging. I have a Kia Optima. I did notice in the phone connections there was a setting to “enable streaming music” which was on and probably want to leave on. I did not see any options for auto play.


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