Google playstore will not let me download att moble wifi. Says carrier will not allow?


Google playstore will not allow me to download the att moble wifi app on my Moto x phone. It says the carrier will not allow? I have att service in my home and would like to use it for free wifi on the go. I tried uninstalling republic app but it still would not let me download.


Hi @carolynb.7l20td,

Perhaps I’m missing something (known to happen) but I don’t see an AT&T Mobile WiFi app per se when searching Google’s play store. A search for AT&T produces this: at&t - Android Apps on Google Play.

Might you be able to point us to the specific app in question. It would also help us to help you if we knew which Moto X you have. Is that the 1st Gen., 2nd Gen. or Moto X Pure?


the AT&T WiFi mobile app I’m aware of is for AT&T Mobile customers

if you are an AT&T internet customer there maybe a AT&T internet (U-verse) WiFi app