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My Defy XT says Google Plus update required before I can open “Photos” – but update doesn’t work, sends me into endless loop. Please help!

Google is killing support for the Gingerbread OS that the Defy is running.

as both the Google Plus and Photos are google apps the updates may just not support for the Defy anylonger

Hi @arthurc.ojsvra,

Does the problem persist if you uninstall updates to the Photos app and prevent them from automatically re-installing?

Thanks for your reply. I got to that screen at one point, but I was afraid to choose “uninstall.” Having read your reply, I just tried again to open “Photos,” and it said I needed an update. I chose Update and it took me to a Google Plus screen that gives me the choice between “Open” and “Uninstall.” If I choose “Open,” it takes me back to the first screen that said I needed an update (as described above), i.e., an endless loop. This time I chose “Uninstall,” and it asks me “Do you want to uninstall all updates to this app?”

So I bravely chose “Uninstall,” and I guess that “fixed” the problem, because now I don’t see the “Photos” app anywhere. Google Plus app is still there, but I never use it. I don’t recall that the warning said anything about deleting the entire app. The “Camera” function is still there.

I am curious whether I can download the “Photos” app from the Google Play Store? Would you advise that I try that?

But I think the best course of action is probably to buy a newer type of smartphone, one that Google still supports. Many thanks for your reply.


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Hi @arthurc.ojsvra,

What we’re often seeing with the DEFY XT, is that newer versions of the apps developed by Google require a new version of some other Google-developed app in order to run, and sometimes those other Google-developed apps can’t run on the phone.

By uninstalling updates to your Photos app, you just reset it to the original version that was on the DEFY XT when its operating system was originally put together. That older version of the Photos app won’t demand newer versions of its sister apps. But if you have the Google Play Store set to automatically update apps, then that Photos app will update itself on the sly, and bring you once again to the error that brought you here.

Google has announced that it will no longer support the operating system that is on the DEFY XT, and Motorola has no further updates for that phone, so you can either keep limiting apps to old versions that are known to work, or, yes, the other solution is to upgrade to a new phone.

If you navigate to the Google Play store and select the “Photos” app, you’ll be re-installing the same updated version that was causing the problem in the first place. If you’re looking for the app that your photos are displayed in, the original version of the app on the DEFY XT was called “My Gallery.”

(Edited to confirm the name of the original photo gallery app on the DEFY XT once mine decided to boot.)

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