Google podcast, data usage

For you Google Podcast users … I have been using Google Podcast (GP) for quite some time without using data. Always downloading pods and playing the casts from the download list.

However, in the last few months I find that regardless of my process, GP uses data when it shouldn’t. I am reverting back to Castbox to avoid data usage. Be aware of you’re using GP.

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Thanks for the heads up! As an aside Google Podcasts isn’t the only Google app with a reputation for using cell data seemingly at its own whim. Google Duo has a reputation for doing the same.

Two out of the last three months I’ve had large spikes in some days data usage. Spikes that used more than the average daily allotment. Using the app Glasswire I find that Google is using the data. Well thank you very much for nothing Google. Could they at least allow a usage break down by Gmail, Podcasts, android auto, chrome, etc apps.

Since during those months I hadn’t changed my normal app processes I began eliminating Google app usage. I believe the two offending apps were maps and podcast. Could be just one but I didn’t bother narrowing further. (I have downloaded maps for my area).

In the last few weeks, I’ve used Podcast Addict and Here Maps and I have returned back to my economical data usage.

Google maps is hard to beat for rerouting around traffic and construction on the fly. But for daily driving, Here is great. Can run totally offline, can search and build a navigation route without data.

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