Google reminder not reminding me




Every time I create a reminder (Google remind me to do xyz) it saves my reminders but it doesn’t actually remind me. If I schedule an appointment it DOES remind me of that. What am I doing wrong?


Without further detail, we can only assume that reminders work with the Google Calendar app?.

For just “quick” reminders, Google Keep seems to work well, for me at least.


I find that if I set a reminder, I need to set a time of the reminder to get a notification, either in Google calendar or Google cards. To do this in calendar, you need to turn off all day to set a time. I usually just use the calendar and schedule as an event, which gives the option for several reminders before the event.


Hi @jefferyb,

Were you able to get the Google Reminders to work as you’re expecting them to? If not, please tell us exactly what steps you’re taking to set the reminder, and what kind of reminder you’re expecting to have happen.


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