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I’ve engaged with Google a few times, and they can’t help me. So, I thought I’d reach out to the RW community.

My wife (RW subscriber) is receiving text messages from “95737” - apparently owned by Google (per my research). The text message is as follows “Google is verifying your number for Chat features” followed by a link. What’s weird is that she does not use Google’s Messages app (she’s using RW Anywhere). So, if she’s not using Messages, she’s not using the Chat feature (which I assume is RCS) in the Messages app.

  • Google said to change the Google account password. Did that.
  • I’ve rebooted the phone, stopped the Messages app, cleared cache, rolled back updates…you name it.
  • I’ve sent back “stop” to the text message. I get a reply to the effect of “no more…” but they still keep coming!

I welcome all thoughts, ideas, and prayers!


Have u disabled the chat feature in the messages app?

Also, i never gotten a text message to “Verify” my number on any of the phones i have enabled the chat features on, it as just simply connected and activated.

Maybe the text is a spoof and is fake?

In what i have read about Googles RCS, enabling that does register something with Googles servers as they are the ones that handled that aspect of it, and not the normal carriers SMS backbone…i think.

Yes. As I mentioned, she doesn’t use it. In fact, the current version on her phone is without all the Chat features installed, as I rolled it back after the last update

She just got a text from the other SMS number that I’ve seen before - “244444” - same text, with a link.

Not using it doesn’t mean that is is not active or was activated at some point.
Once it was activated, it is registered on Googles servers, reguardless of the app being used or installed and must be de-registered in the app to remove the phone form their database to adjust the text routing. It can take time for that to happen. I recall reading a tech news article while back talking about this, but i did not save it.

I suggest u re-enable and update the app, and go into the Chat feature settings and de-register the phone. remove app, then give it some time. otherwise, just ignore the texts or set them to be blocked.

Edit: I found this on the Google FOurms

Lots of folks seem to be getting them it seems.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try. BTW, I do use GM on my phone…chat enabled…and never received a text message like this.

Also, correction…the last bit of the message does not appear to be a link. Some sort of code?

It would appear to me that the last bit of message in those texts is the code they want u to enter into the app to “verify” your number.

I would not reply to that at all, as it could be a scam and tying to see if it is an active number or maybe one of those premium text services scams where any response signs u up for something u don’t want and may charge u for.

Then again, it could be legit from Google…it just they doing weird things.

I reactivated GM, updated it, and turned on Chat. I got a “connecting…” message, then a “connected” message, followed by a standard Google "G-“ code. Never saw that before today. There is no prompt to enter the code, so perhaps it’s just a confirmation. I then switched the phone back to Anywhere.

Let see if Google is now happy. thanks everyone!

Those messages are never meant to be seen. They should only be sent when you’re using messages and in that case it won’t be seen because Messages intercepts it and validates you without you ever seeing or entering the code.


Ahhhh! Thank you @louisdi. Makes sense. Based on my update above, do you think we’re good to go?

I would think so, but given how the RCS rollout has been done by Google, I’m never 100% sure about anything.

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