Google SMS Messages Appearing As Sent But Intended Recipient Never Receives

I have a Google Pixel 3XL. I have a My Choice Plan with data.

Previously, on occasion, I would send a text message in Google Messages which would appear as being properly sent on my screen, but its intended recipient would tell me they never got it. Now this problem has increased from an occasional annoyance to a daily headache. I never know whether anyone is receiving my SMS messages, and I’d say it is a 50/50 shot.

This has happened regardless of whether I am operating on cell service or on wifi. It has happened with everyone and anyone seemingly regardless of their service provider, although I cannot say which provider every one of my contacts has.

I checked to make sure I had chat features disabled, which I did. I searched the Internet looking to see if other people were complaining about this issue on Google Messages and came up empty-handed.

Additionally, and I do not know whether this could be related in any way, I have recently found that when I open Messages to compose a text, I begin typing and my words disappear. I have been forced to start text messages multiple times before I can get the words to “stick”. It’s insanely frustrating.

Any help or tips would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Try the following:

This will not delete any of your messages.


Thank you, cbwahlstrom, I just did that. Now I just have to give it some time to determine whether this solves the problem.


Well, I am back again because it is happening again. I don’t know whether all of my messages went through over the past few days until today or whether today was the first time someone realized they didn’t receive my texts again. But, I was just informed that two texts I sent today were not received.

I was so hopeful that the problem was solved! :frowning:

Can you think of any apps you may have added to your phone at the time you started having text problems? Sometimes a misbehaving third party app can interfere with messaging apps.

This has been an ongoing saga for so long that I can’t pinpoint when it began. I am happy to run through a list of apps that I have on my phone, but my selections are relatively basic. I don’t have any other SMS messaging app. I used to also have Anywhere, but deleted it when I realized Republic was no longer providing updates. Do you have an idea of any potential apps that could be the culprit?

Potential problem apps include Task killers, Memory managers, Performance enhancement apps, Battery savers, Antivirus or security apps. and 3rd party dialers or texting apps. Sometimes it’s a rather oddball occurrence. I recall one instance where the GasBuddy app was updated and caused a bunch of connectivity issues. If you find a contact with which you can repeat the “text not sent” issue, you might try operating the phone in safe mode to see if that remedies the issue. Safe mode disables most third party apps on phone startup.

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It just occurred to me that I have Data Saver on. Could this be the issue?

Quite possibly. From How to Enable Data Saver:

Republic Wireless phones use the Republic Wireless app to manage the phone services we enjoy. Since many phones don’t recognize our app as a native app or pre-installed app, having the Data Saver enabled or turned on may result in interference with texting, calling, data access, etc. For these reasons, if you experience any issues with calling/texting while Data Saver is enabled , we recommend disabling the data saving feature to see if it could be a part of the problem . This is especially true for third-party apps intended to regulate or reduce data usage.

I enabled the data saver because I found myself running through my data significantly before my billing cycle was over despite the fact that I didn’t use the phone other than to call or text while not in wifi. Since turning data saver on, I haven’t run out of data (or even come close). Is there any way to replicate the benefits of data saver without potentially ruining my texting abilities?

Sort of. If you can figure out which app(s) is/are using your cellular data:

You may be able to limit the app(s) cellular data usage:

I turned Data Saver off, restarted my phone and am still being told that my messages are not being sent. So it seems Data Saver was not the problem.