Google Verified secondary number randomly

Hi there,
Last night, in the middle of the night I got a notification that an unknown number was verified for my Google account. When I clicked on it, it went to the list of numbers and I saw this unknown number plus my own Republic number, but my number had a date verified under it and the other did not. I took a screenshot for a later ticket to Google and immediately deleted the number and changed my password. I went to recent security activity and nothing was there indicating a new number was verified, and I went to recently connected devices and saw nothing out of the ordinary. I searched forums on Google and it seems this happens to a lot of people, but there was no explanation other than you must have been hacked. Google just got back to me and their first question was who else has access to my account.

This was VERY concerning, but after some digging I thought to look for my secondary number. Sure enough, the number that was randomly verified was my Republic secondary number.

I am responding now and letting Google know about this since I found nothing about it on their forums, nor Republic’s community. My question is why is this happening without people prompting it and should we be trying to add this secondary number? I deleted it before I knew, so should I try and add it back? What would be the benefit of having this number verified with Google?


Hi @mirandag,

We do not advise you to add this number, because it is not permanently assigned to your phone. It can change without notice.

We are not sure what is making the Google Messages app, add this number. It is possible it happens during a period of time when the Republic app is non-functional, such as immediately upon booting the phone or when a battery-manager app has put the Republic app to sleep. During those moments, the Google Messages app may be reading the cellular routing number.

We do know that this activity appears to be a function of the RCS Chat features in Google Messages, and this is yet another reason that our official stance is that we are unable to support RCS. We have seen too many strange behaviors associated with the RCS Chat features since it was released. We advise our members to disable the RCS Chat option in the Google Messages app in order to prevent such unusual and disruptive behaviors. How to Disable the RCS Chat Features in Messages by Google – Republic Help


Interesting. I have Google Messages on my phone, but do not use it. I use Republic Anywhere for SMS/MMS. Does that matter? I did just review your attachment to disable RCS and none of the Chat features were enabled.
Also, it did not reboot and was plugged in when this happened.

Hi @mirandag,

Thanks for those additional details, they’ll help as we try to better understand why/how Google is identifying the cellular routing number for its account verification purposes.

I believe one of our engineers noticed that this behavior may have begun with a recent update to the “Carrier services” app, so if you find that the number is once again added to your account despite your having removed it, you might try uninstalling the updates to that app.



Would you check on something?
Open the Settings app
Tap Google
Tap Data and messaging
Tap Device phone number

Is your RW number there, a different number, or no number at all?

It is that secondary number. Not the one I use as my number (I assume is the RW number?).

Hi @mirandag,

Please ignore my earlier response in reply to your finding that secondary number in the Google settings for messages and data - my brain was on autopilot.

Please tap the number and select “do not use.”

Okay, I did that. Thank you!

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