Google Verified secondary number randomly

Yup, that’s it.

Verified Calls was disabled. I enabled it. Now Verified Calls says “Status: active with +1xxxxxx2214” (my real phone number)

I think I misspoke in my earlier post today and looked at a different field. The Device Phone Number under Data and Messaging has my real number. I will check there if I get the Google message again. The underlying number is in the Messages App > Settings > Advanced Settings > Phone Number. Sorry about that!

When I go into the “Device phone number” page Which is under “Mobile data & messaging” in the Settings app, it is displaying a phone number that isn’t mine. I was alerted to this when someone received one of my texts and said it showed up as a number they didn’t recognize. This happened rather suddenly; I had made no changes to my phone. I was suspecting someone had hacked my phone. My Republic app shows the correct phone number. In “My Contact Info” it shows the correct phone number. But not in the “Device phone number” page. And, people are receiving texts from me with a different phone number. Oddly, people can call me using my real phone number and I can receive the call.

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Hi @brianm.xahb8i I’ve moved your question to a topic addressing this. Here’s a link: Google Verified secondary number randomly - #2 by southpaw to the post above that addresses your question and potential resolution.

Thank you, @louisdi. This morning when I checked “Device Phone Number” the field was empty. However, the advice that was given to a previous questioner wouldn’t have worked for me. I had clicked on the number that was there repeatedly and nothing happened. I was given the option to delete it.

I did turn off the RCS function in Messages. Maybe that will prevent the problem from happening again. Thanks again!

I understand that Republic Wireless uses a secondary number to facilitate the “transfer” of calls between the cell network and wifi. I also read the secondary number is not necessarily assigned to me personally. Google appears to have associated this secondary number with my google account. Should I disassociate this secondary number or will this cause functional issues?

Hi @janem.8nvuyy,

This seems to be new behavior associated with the RCS chat features associated with Google’s Messages app. I’ve taken the liberty of moving your post to an existing thread with more details here: Google Verified secondary number randomly.


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