Google Voice and Phone start-up

I’ve read through other “google voice” posts, but our issue is a little different.
We can go through the whole procedure in selecting a GV number (select number, input RW phone number, get GV code, input code - all seems to work fine) - but the GV app says “no phone number selected” and the GV number we picked is still shown as available through Google. Tried this through the GV app on the phone and through GV on the computer - same results.

One other comment that may or may not be pertinent - on phone startup the display reads "Your phone is encrypted for security. To start your device, enter your pin. ". After it fully boots up, it does work with the correct phone number. The wrong phone number is the other RW number on the same account but for another phone.

The phone with the GV issue is a Samsung J3 2017.

Any ideas?

Here is a Google Voice help forum thread describing your issue:

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