Google Voice and Verizon port question


Ok, so really strange long question.

I have a primary phone with Verizon and would like it to replace my current work phone primary with RW (in short, make my primary RW number my current Verizon number). Along with that, I would like to keep my current work number on RW but move it to Google Voice to allow work call on the same phone. So, how would I go about doing this? Also, would the primary Verzion number be able to be ported back out of the service wasn’t working as primary? Long weird question, but I appreciate the help! We are loving RW for family phones, so would enjoy making it my primary moving forward.


I have a Google Voice number that rings on my RW phone. It was not easy to set up because I wanted to port my land line to Google Voice, which they don’t do. I had to first port the land line to a mobile carrier so that it was then categorized as a mobile number. Then GV was able to port it. I don’t recommend doing it this way as it was a hassle for me. There may be other ways.

In your question, some clarification is needed:

“…primary phone with Verizon…” – Is this a Verizon land line, or a Verizon Wireless cell phone? If it’s a cell phone, a port to GV is not difficult. You can then have GV ring on your RW phone.

“…replace my current work phone primary with RW…” --Is it your RW phone that you want to port to GV? Unfortunately, RW phones are considered VOIP and have the same problems porting to GV as land lines.

There are a number of providers that allow porting a land line to an account that lets you forward calls to your cell phone. If you use one of these providers, it is recommended that you verify that your number (land line or RW) can be ported before signing up. One example is Magicjack which costs about $35/year and will port a land line for $10. I don’t know if they can handle the RW port.

Others may have better suggestions.


I will note that Republic numbers are VOIP and therefore classified as a landline, and as @davidw.ctd2jy states Google Voice will not take a landline directly one would need to 1st port to a normal moble carrier and then port to Google Voice


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