Google Voice # answered on Republic Wireless cellphone

Does anyone know if Google voice plays nice with Republic wireless? I want my be able to access my business phone number (Google Voice #) on my cell phone.

Many members use it. I do, works great.

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That is a relief as I have connected the two but now my connection is continuously breaking or dropping during calls. :frowning: I am in St Louis so wifi is everywhere and of course cell towers are in abundance. Any suggestions?

Are you using their app? Do regular calls drop?

Hi @kathleens.oyl7rn

St Louisian myself, I use GV on my RW phone without issue, so it should work.

I have tried both gv and my rw connection connection. Do i need to use the gv app as I’ve just gone to my phone icon and it asks me which number I want to use

What I meant was to take Google Voice out of the equation. Is Republic Wireless is service working properly or calls clear is service working? All Google Voice does is piggyback on our service so if our service is having a problem then Google Voice will have a problem but if it’s not then you can narrow it down to the Google Voice side.

I am having issues with both

Troubleshooting is about narrowing down. If you have turned off Google Voice and are just using Republic Service stock and you are having voice quality problems then Google Voice is not part of the issue and should be forgotten about.

Now try doing test calls while connected to WiFi and connected the cell leaving Google Voice out of the equation is one worse than the other?

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