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My wife has been using Google Voice [Moto X, 2nd Gen] for a few years, just for International Calls. Recently–maybe 2 weeks ago–her Google Voice calls would not go through; she would only get a “busy” signal. She’d try our land line [still have one], and the calls would go through.

As a test, I downloaded Google Voice to my Galaxy J3, and found that I could not make International calls either. Local calls go through.

We have lots of GV credit, have uninstalled/reinstalled the GV app on our phones, have cleared the app cache, have tried manually entering the digits, have shut down/restarted the phones, have tried initiating GV calls from the desktop computer…all to no avail.

There doesn’t seem to be a widespread outage, so I must be missing something obvious. Any suggestions?

Two additional things: 1) the people we call will often hear a short ring, and get our Caller ID info, but the line is then disconnected. And 2) we will be traveling starting 11 Dec, and be overseas for the next month.

Hi @caysea,

There isn’t a reason I can think of as to why the experience would be impacted by using a Republic phone. Are the failing Google Voice international calls to one country or more than one? If one country, may we know which country that is? To confirm, you’re able to make domestic calls using GV, correct?

There isn’t much time before you leave, however, there are alternatives to using GV for international calling. I write about some here: Calling International Numbers with a Republic Phone. I think you would find these alternatives to be price competitive (and quite possibly less expensive) than GV for international calling.


Exactly–we don’t know what could be happening–I sorta thought it might be tied to the recent RW partner-outage situation, but our difficulty actually started before that, and still continues (we tried to use GV last night). The wife was using GV on a RW phone back when the native dialer was incompatible, and she had to use a different dialer app to complete the call from the handset. Back then, GV was only 3 cents a minute to most countries, with better quality/easier dialing than many calling cards.

Our local calls on Google Voice are fine. Now that I think of it, we didn’t try domestic call outside our area code. I may try that, just to see what happens.

The only country she usually calls (with Google Voice) is Thailand. We have friends/family there without good WiFi (and with pricey data plans), so they don’t use the social media apps–like FaceBook–that have “free” voice/video calling. The only other country we frequently call is Sweden, and her voice calls to there usually go through FaceBook.

My wife is really looking at making calls simply, in a straightforward way. Google Voice was easy to use–just one touch.

I did quickly look through your article on long-distance calling–mostly the parts pertaining to GV. I will be looking through it more thoroughly–you really did a lot of research. Looking through the comments to your article, I realize that we didn’t try GV calling off of our WiFi [probably won’t be able to try that until we return from our trip–we are actually traveling to Thailand on Tuesday].


Google Voice does have a help community ( Unfortunately, it’s not very active. There was a post mentioning issues calling Thailand back in August. It received no response.


I don’t typically use GV for international calls but, for laughs and giggles, I added some credit to my GV account and am able to make international calls to the U.K. I’m thinking @cbwahlstrom is on point and that the issue may be specific to Thai numbers. Unfortunately, that would be something Google not Republic would need to fix.

Though I touch on GV in my international calling article, I detail two other services (CallWithUs and Localphone). Neither service is a calling card (though both can be used like one if desired). Both tend to be rate competitive with GV for calls to most international destinations. If unable to get GV working for calls to Thailand, you might consider one as an alternative. CallWithUs is more or less a one-man show (a very capable one), so it might be faster to get Localphone up and running since you leave for Thailand tomorrow. Localphone is a large Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) carrier headquartered in the U.K.


Thank you for your suggestions; based on your (excellent!) “Calling International” article, we are looking into both the CallWithUs and Localphone options. We don’t use GV when traveling outside the USA, so we can easily make the change upon returning in January.

I have 1 of your other relevant articles (“International Travel”) bookmarked, and will read through both of these in detail–the Community comments below the article are also very useful.

Again, thank you.


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