Google Voice MMS Picture not transferring to Gmail


This is in reference to Google Voice. For quite a while now MMS Pictures send to Google Voice were automatically forwarded to Gmail so they could be viewed. Recently this has stopped working. Anyone else seeing the same behavior? Any solutions?




Hi @rodneyk.8w0sf5,

A quick look at my Google Voice account settings suggests it’s still possible to forward all text messages received to email if desired. The function, which specifically sent MMS attachments so they could be viewed is no longer needed as both Hangouts and Google’s recently updated Voice app have the ability to receive MMS directly. This has been true of Hangouts for some time and but is relatively new for the Google voice app.



The setting you are seeing in GV sends all SMS and MMS activity through to Gmail. I also saw that and tested it. I looking for the following functionality… For the longest time on Republic GV would not receive MMS from specific carriers like verizon senders for example. Then because of this limitation affecting MMS only, pictures for example, MMS was forwarded to your Gmail account. I will look into your thought that the latest version of GV remedied this, but I am fairly certain I am running the latest version. I also thought of trying to use hangouts as my messaging app, but not sure its the right answer to this.



There was an update for voice available. Thanks for the suggestion. I will give it a go and see if it helps.


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