Google voice no longer supports republic wireless?

google voice no longer supports texting voicemail content to republic wireless? Is this because RW lost the sprint number? Also, text to google voice no longer forward to republic wireless. Google advises this is because RW does not support short codes, but it was supposed to be implemented this summer. Is there a fix in the works? -djs

Unfortunately GV stopped sending the texts with the VM transcript back in August. See the link below for an explanation of why. Now the only way to get the transcript is to receive it via email, which means one must use data if away from WiFi. This also affected the sending of SMS’s on other wireless carriers so it is not unique to RW.

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Republic has supported short codes for years. And the issue has nothing to do with Republic, Google shut off this feature months ago. Google no longer offers it no matter what carrier you’re on.

this explains google voice does not send voicemail transcripts to forward phones any more, but this does not explain why a text to google voice will not forward to a republic wireless phone. A phone call to google voice will forward to republic wireless, but not a text. Does this mean I need a ticket to republic wireless?

I just found out what happened. as I deleted the linked number in GV and re-added it, it left the default as a home phone that could not receive texts. The fix was to go into legacy google voice and set that linked number to a mobile phone, then the box to forward texts appeared. All these issues have nothing to do with RW and is all because of GV. It just took me a while to get this straight. Thanks for all the help. This topic may now be closed.

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