Google Voice now has WiFi only calling (beta)


I got notice that Google Voice now is testing (via beta) WiFi calling.

So, if u want to make and receive calls via your G.V number and are on wifi…u can for free!
(R.W. wifi only plans however, do allow calls via cell network. )

I singed up for the beta via the web forum yesterday. Today, i get an acceptance email.
Been testing it our on a spare not active (no Sim) Moto X Pure.
Works ok so far.
So, if u have an inactive phone, and only need wifi only call ability at no cost…give it a try.
One could use it as a “land-line replacement” i suppose.
( i already did that 4yrs ago via an Obiah VOIP device that cost $25 and setup G.V on it free.)

It has some limitations at the moment.


For what it’s worth, making WiFi (VoIP) calls using a GV number is possible via Hangouts and Hangouts Dialer and has been for some time. Many of the current caveats with the new GV app don’t occur when using Hangouts.


And that is to be discontinued in the future and replaced by Google Voice…so I have read.


I’ve read Google intends to repurpose Hangouts for the commercial space whatever Google means by that. With Google all that’s certain is no one outside of Google really knows. Meanwhile, I’m content to use Hangouts while brave folks like you iron out the bugs. :grinning:


Ah yes … that thin line between leading edge and bleeding edge :smiling_imp: