Google Voice Number

This may be a security precaution to use: a Google Voice phone number. It’s a free number you can pass out without giving your real cell phone number to Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc. or any other entity you believe could eventually pass your real Republic number around. The Google Voice number will still ring your cell phone from those who have the Voice number. It’s just an alias.

I’ve been using the same Google Voice number since it was GrandCentral. It’s the only number I give out. Haven’t had to port a number since…I can’t remember. I don’t even know my cellular numbers anymore.

Thanks. I will edit.

What if … you consider expanding your scope and develop a Google Voice 101, aim it at dummies like me, who have a GV number, but have no understanding of its full potential, to a platform that the ‘experts’ could expand on as questions arise and get answered?
It could easily be placed in Tips & Tricks to make it easier to update (Wiki)

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