Google Voice - Talk , Text and Data on Cell?


I have read that Google Voice works with RW. However, will it only work on Wi-Fi or will it also work with cell? If it will work with cell, what will work; just talk and text, or data also? I would really like to add a second phone number.



Hi @davidd.ak078j,

Indeed, one may use Google Voice to add an additional number(s) to a Republic phone. Generally, Google Voice will work on either WiFi or cell.

If using the Google Voice app, calling uses the same means as calling from a Republic number does, so should function even in the absence of cell data. Text messaging is a bit murkier. SMS (plain text messaging) may work in areas of no cell data coverage. MMS (group and picture messaging) more likely requires a cell data connection in the absence of WiFi.

One may also use Google Voice via Google’s Hangouts app. Hangouts requires a data connection (WiFi or cell) at all times.

Regardless of whether one is using the Google Voice app or Hangouts, any cell data used is billable. Republic does not provide free cell data for third party apps.

An additional option I like is Sideline. Sideline is a paid service (currently $10/month). Unlike Google Voice, Sideline won’t advertise to you and (if needed) provides support.


Hi Roland,

Thank you very much for this information. it is very informative.

Another one I checked out is eVoice. This looks to be excellent for anyone with a business, as it has many options available, including a live receptionist feature which is billed per minute instead of paying a monthly fee which should make it very affordable should one need that service. However, this is way more than I need. I thought I would say something about it here in case there is anyone that could use such a service. Their cheapest plan is $12.99/mo but I don’t know how much the per minute price is for the live receptionist feature.

After checking out Google Voice, Sideline and eVoice, I have decided to go with Google Voice for now. If in the future I need more options, I now have have others to consider.



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