Google WiFi: An update to our return policy

We are pleased to announce a change to our return policy for Google WiFi routers from our online store.

Effective today, your purchase of a Google WiFi router from the Republic Wireless online store includes a 14-day Money Back Return option. Like our current Money Back Guarantee on phones purchased from the Republic Wireless online store, original shipping cost is not refundable, and returns are subject to deductions from the refund if the product is returned damaged. A prepaid return shipping label will be provided when the return is requested. Be sure to save the original manufacturer’s packaging in case you decide a return is necessary.

What is Google WiFi?

Google Wifi is an advanced home WiFi system. Use it in place of your current router with your existing Internet Service for reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. One Google WiFi point covers up to 1500 square feet. Add more points for the same reliable Wi-Fi coverage in larger homes.

Google WiFi does not provide internet service. You’ll need to be subscribed with an Internet Service Provider to use Google WiFi.

More Info

Learn more about Google WiFi in our online store.

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