Google Wifi ~ run our iMacs off your cell towers

We currently have Century Link for our internet provider and it hardly ever works. Would the Google Wifi help, or could we somehow run our iMacs off your cell towers?

By Google Wi-Fi, I assume you mean the Google Wi-Fi router? If your CenturyLink service is bad it won’t help. Your best option is to work with CenturyLink support to get the level of service you are paying for. Be persistent. As far as using Republic Wireless for your home internet, it’s not an economical option.


Google Wifi is just a router that would rely on your existing internet connection so unless the issue is wifi coverage, it would do nothing to help.

While Republic phones can act as a wifi hotspot this is highly discouraged for this type of use as at $5/GB it gets expensive quite fast (and you’ll quickly hit the 15GB max data per month as well).


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