Googles 'Files Go' - may be worth a look/test drive?


Files Go from Google is a relatively new storage manager that helps you free up space on your phone, find files faster, and share them easily offline with others. FREE UP MORE SPACE In just a few taps, you can free up space more quickly and easily than ever: Delete old photos and memes from chat apps, remove duplicate files, erase unused apps, clear your cache and more. If you’re their beta testers, you can save on average 1GB of space in the first month.

  • See link above for full description, or give it a spin and see what it can do for you … if you install/use, please provide feedback to share with the rest of the community


I’ve had Files Go installed for ~4 months. I don’t do much with it, but every month or so it reminds me of apps I haven’t used and files that could be deleted to free up space. It helps me keep my phone a little more tidy.


I like the idea but I don’t have it on my own phone.

There is a good few things going for it:

  • Its a Google app so you know there are certain standards they have such as no ads.
  • It is a free file manager so you can view and organize files on your phone
  • It can help clean up old or large files.

For my mom’s phone, I did install it and it is great at pulling up random videos that she may not want. However, the biggest effect that I had was just pulling the photos off the phone onto a computer as a back up.