Google's new Call Screening


Google is soon to release a new Call Screening feature.
It seems to only be exclusive to Pixel devices.

Google Pixel - Screen Call Feature
Screen Call feature says microphone being used on another app?
Screen Call feature says microphone being used on another app?


I am hoping the Call Screen feature is something RW can support. As it stands now this is what I get when I try to use the feature and it just cuts the caller off completely.


Far as I know, the call screening feature is not even out yet…even on the Pixel 3 phones.
How do you have it?


Try turning off wifi and forcing the call to cell. Does it work over cell?


Ahh, so it does appear to work just fine on cellular with wifi off. Seeing as how I am always on wifi unless im driving I hope the brilliant folks at Republic can program a hook into the app for the screening feature.


Replublic app integration could be rather difficult but I am sure they are already working on it. The call screening feature works completely offline/on the phone itself but apparently is handled by the google assistant actually answering the call. I would think Google has baked in an API for this (for project Fi folk too) seeing as this feature will come to all Pixels and will be the base for Google Duplex making Assistant powered calls for reservations and such in the future.


I just tested this on my Pixel 3 and can confirm I have the same experience. Thanks for bringing this up. I hadn’t had a chance to really play with this feature yet, but it explains why it didn’t work the one time I tried it. When I try to use it on WiFi, I don’t get the error you get, the phone app just crashes.

Since I only pick up calls from my contacts anyway, I don’t really need this feature to work. It’s just a neat way to mess with spam callers.


well. that is not that good. That is a feature I was heavily looking forward to using and playing with.
Only works over cell if you are on R.W. as provider…that, is an issue.
Hope R.W. can fix that, and before the feature hit my 1st Gen Pixel XL.


So Google’s new Call Screening feature won’t work on RW on WiFi but will on cell? My wife and I both have Pixel 2’s, me on RW and her on Project Fi. Today I tested calling from my phone to her’s and the Call Screen button popped up. Then I tested calling from her phone to my RW phone, both on WiFi and cell and no call screen button popped up either way. Also, I read that Google is also adding dark mode to the Google phone app and I don’t see that on my phone yet either. Is there actually supposed to be an update phone app coming with these features and if so, what version is it on?


I have yet to see the Call Screening feature work its way to the 1st gen Pixel that I have, but as others have seemed to indicate, the feature is not compatible with R.W.'s WiFi calling.

About the Phone app and Dark Mode…that is currently available in the Beta version of the app. I signed up for the Beta and got that feature. It looks nice, much better than that blinding White. It is not Black though, which is what looks the best on todays OLED screens, but this dark grey is at least better than the Blue it used to be before they made it white.


That’s correct. It’s an issue that Republic is aware of. When call screening picks up the call while on wifi, the call immediately terminates.


Thanks for the info. I guess the updates just haven’t made it to my Pixel 2 yet.


What I was saying was I don’t even see a call screening button on my Pixel 2 phone yet although my wife has it on her Pixel 2 on Fi. I guess it hasn’t rolled to my phone on RW yet. If RW is aware of this issue, are there plans to fix it?


Google has just now begun rolling the capability out to the Pixels earlier than the 3/3XL. I expect it’ll be weeks before everyone with a 2 and even longer for the OG Pixel to get the functionality.

As far as the issue with it working on wifi, I’m sure Republic has the intent to fix it, but at this point I’m unclear if that’s something they can do themselves or if it is something that is on the Google side.


Actually, I already have it on my Pixel 2 XL. But unfortunately I get the error as well…

any fix from RW?


As I said above


Hi @charlesk.szw12e, @etphonehome, @theresar, @techiedj, and others with the Pixel call screening feature,

We are aware of the issue. Our engineers have investigated it and have determined it will require a fix from Google.

At this time we have a ticket open with Google.

We are also aware that when our members open a support ticket with Google, they may be advised by the Google Support team to disable the phone permission in the Republic app, something that obviously would prevent the phone from working on our service. Please do not follow that advice.

We would encourage you to open a support ticket with Google, you may do so at this link. When you do so, please reference our ticket by its id number: 118842037

If you would like additional guidance as to what to put in the ticket you open with Google, we would suggest language such as this:

Hello, I am using a Pixel {insert your model number} on VOIP service provider Republic Wireless which is using call routing over Wi-Fi. The issue is that inbound Call Screening crashes consistently for incoming VOIP calls. Otherwise, their Wi-Fi calls work fine with the system dialer. Could you suggest a workaround other than to disable the Phone permission for the Republic Wireless app, as doing so prevents Wi-Fi call routing from occurring? I reached out to Republic support, who indicated that their developers have opened a ticket reaching out for Google’s assistance in resolving this bug. Could you please add priority to the dev bug Republic Wireless has opened? Ticket: 118842037

Screen Call feature says microphone being used on another app?
Google Pixel - Screen Call Feature
Republic app not compatible with Google Call Screening
Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are now supported for BYOP

Thanks @southpaw! I sent a feedback report from my phone to Google using your suggested wording.


My Pixel 3 is to arrive this coming Tuesday.
I have already submitted the “Issue Tracker” that was linked to.
Hopefully, it will get fixed sometime in the near future.