Google's new Call Screening


Thanks, @southpaw! I’ve submitted a feedback report as well.


I just got my Pixel 3…but I see no option to enable this feature in the Phone app.
I have tried calling my phone from my home phone with the *67 to block caller id.

EDIT: I discovered that I was enrolled in the Beta for the Phone app, to get the Dark Theme, and apparently, the Beta does not include the call screening option. The Screening Option shows up after i Un-enrolled for the beta, Uninstalled updates for the Phone app, rebooted, then updated the factory app.

Current Play Store version: 25.0.220310144
Beta: 26.0.222117411-publicbeta

It does only work if wifi is off.
Its a neat thing…i guess. But since I am always on wifi, and cant use it anyway, i’m going back to the beta version of Phone to get the Dark theme back.
Edit: Re installing the Beta app retains the previously activated Call Screening feature.


@southpaw I know your busy right now managing the outage… but once you get a chance, since it is an issue tracker, is it better for us to all voice our issue and create our own tickets or will it be a hassle on their end having duplicate “issues” being posted and needing to be merged?


I believe we’re being asked to open a ticket with Google not Republic and the hope is a critical mass of requests will provide Google an incentive to assist with a fix.


Hi @happywillow0,

I really don’t know anything about the Google ticketing process and any hassles they might experience. The team that provided that information recommended that link and the verbiage I included.


That’s fine. I was just thinking about it from a developers / support standpoint. If that was what the internal Republic development recommended it should be fine.

Edit: Yep, After re-reading the message and submitting my own issue / ticket, I now realized I have been just overthinking it way too much. sigh

Slight Tangent

I’m just overthinking it.

I was thinking for support and ticketing, one user is better off with just one ticket instead of many for the same issue.
If it is a big issue, I’m realizing that each user can send in a ticket to get added to a master ticket and merged so to speak.

On the issue tracker standpoint, it is similar with the main issue (master ticket) identifying the issue and people voting on it as important to them. It just feels wrong to open multiple duplicate issues on a bug tracker which has to be triaged and merged rather than just having adding on to the main ticket.


Just discovered I have Call Screening now on my Pixel 2 by going into the Phone app, tap on the menu icon, tap on Settings and saw Call Screen on the next to the last option. Now all I need is an incoming phone call when I’m away from home on cellular. Still no dark theme though. :frowning_face:


I totally freaked out a buddy of mine by activating this feature on him.
it is a shame though, that i have to turn off wifi in order to use it.

And the dialer has a dark theme…u just have to enroll in the beta app.
The call screening feature does remain, i discovered.


Has anybody been able to use Call Transcripts following a Call Screening call? I read that you just go to the phone app, tap on Recents, tap on the phone call on which Call Screening was used, tap on Call Details and the transcript of the call should be there. I’ve had two phone calls come in while on cellular data the past couple of days and used Call Screening. But when I follow the steps above, I don’t find any transcripts. Would this be another issue with trying to use Call Screening on RW?


I believe Google is still rolling out this feature to the Pixel 3 and the P2 and “all Pixels will have the feature by the end of the year”