Google's new "chat" phone app


Google is announcing their new texting app which will be called simply “Chat”. It will be available to all of the cell phone makes and wireless companies, it installs on your phone, table, computer (Including Chrome), and is likely to be the best text app on the market. I know that I love my Republic Wireless Anywhere app on my phone and my windows 10 desktop, but HATE the fact that it won’t install on my Chromebooks or Chromeboxes. Has Republic announced what they are going to do on “Chat” and with the installation of Anywhere app on Chrome?


I don’t believe this is correct. “Chat” is what Google is calling RCS (a protocol on the network side that supplements/replaces SMS text messages). It will be supported through the Android Messages App, not a new app.


Here is a recent 9to5Google discussion on Chat for a short hi level explanation


I use anywhere on my Chromebook. My entire team runs on Chromebooks and we all use the Anywhere app. Our chromebooks can run android apps so may not work for you.


I guess the real question is then will Republic Wireless support RCS? Seeing as how the main providers like T-Mobile Sprint and Verizon will support it and Republic Wireless uses their towers to provide service to us.


It has nothing to do with the underlying carriers. Sending a text message on Republic doesn’t touch the underlying carrier infrastructure. Whether Republic / Bandwidth will eventually support RCS is a valid question but whether Sprint or T-Mobile do or don’t isn’t relevant.

That being said, given the history here I doubt we will hear anything from Republic unless they’re on the verge of support.