Gorilla Glass breakable?

Gorilla Glass: has any one had the glass crack or break by NOT using a screen protector?

What is screen protection would be recommended for the Moto G5 Play?

All glass is breakable. Glass manufacturers have to work to balance scratch resistance and breakability. A screen protector protects from scratches, not breaks, despite what the marketing may show. The latest generations of Gorilla Glass are scratch resistant enough that I’ve been going naked on my phones.

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Hi @bonnieh.71i8en

While I completely respect our fellow member @louisdi 's perspective, I have always purchased some type of screen protector for my devices, (phones).

Before manufacturers began putting ‘logo’s’ on the screen protectors that the phones ship with, I would use them for a very long time, before applying my own.

I feel the tempered glass screen protectors offer a great piece of mind, if not cheap insurance, for these not-so-cheap devices. I used a Moto X 2nd Gen. w/glass protector for ~2 years. The glass had cracks and shatter marks a plenty. Removed the tempered glass protector before gifting it to another member, and it was almost pristine.

(I will see if I can hunt down the pictures I took, although it was tough to get a good shot of before-and-after that truly reflected the difference, and post them).


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Any one else have any thoughts?

My personal thoughts is that a screen protector isn’t necessary if you have a good solid case on your phone. If you decide that you want the extra protection of a screen protector, I would go with a tempered glass one. They are a little more expensive, but in my opinion worth the extra cost.


Personally I’m running my Moto X 2nd Gen without a screen protector (I did try a few tempered glass ones but the slight curve on the display did not fit well)
I do use a flip wallet case so unless i actively using the phone the screen is no exposed and the case has buffers to protect the phone

As @c1tobor has shown in his reply, the choice is a very personal one. I used screen protectors for years, as phones have moved to curved screens and very small/no bezels the benefit of the screen protector has been outweighed by the difficulty in finding one that fits well, doesn’t interfere with any edge functions of the phone, doesn’t have a “halo effect” because of the rounded edges, etc.

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Personally, I think it depends on two things. How you use and carry your phone and how risk averse you are to replacing one if an accident does happen.

Sometimes I buy a lightweight case for my phones, but often I don’t use any case or screen protector at all. I’m pretty easy on all of my things though. At the risk of jinxing myself I’ll say that the worst thing that has happened to one of my phones is minute amounts of dirt getting embedded in the plastic. On the metal phones even this isn’t an issue.

Now, if an accident does happen, it just isn’t a crisis for me. I’m not that dependent on my phone and replacing it would be a pain, but not the end of the world. Just an excuse to get a newer, better one!

Are you talking about Yootech?

Talking about Yootech in reference to what? I don’t have a G5 Play, so I can’t comment specifically on screen protector brands for that phone.

I have a Yootech screen protector for my Moto G5 Plus and love the added protection. Mine came with 2 screen protectors. In the end I only needed one. :blush:

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Just my experience. I have had a 1st gen Moto X for about three years now. My brother-in-law got the same phone, same time.
We both use a silicone case which protects the corners from drops. He has never used a screen protector, and has no cracks or scratches (phone in the same pocket as his keys). I used one for two years, and took it off for the last year. I have dropped my phone on the pavement and garage floor 6-7 times over the last few years. No cracks or scratches.

However, I do have a co-worker who also had a Moto X with a case and screen protector, but he is not gentle with the phone. His protector got terribly scratched, so he removed it. Then his screen got scratched, he dropped the phone, and cracked his screen. Just wanted to share my experience, and suggest that the care given to the phone is probably the most critical factor in screen life. Hope this helps!

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Yootech glass screen protector., Thank you Zack for all the info!

ItsMeOk, That is what I am going to do a Yootech ont he Moto G5 Play!

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Gorilla glass is extremely breakable, brittle and is absolutely DOES NOT live up to the hype. I have never been so disappointed in a product. I was so excited about it that I bought a phone specifically because it had gorilla glass and guess what? I am on my 3rd phone within 6 months because the glass is so brittle it breaks when the phone has not even been dropped AND was in a protective case to boot. The small crack spidered till the phone looked like it was thrown out of a moving vehicle onto concrete. I could not even see the screen. 2nd phone, babied it and it fell off my couch onto a carpeted floor and got a small crack which also spidered and spidered until the phone was unusable. 3rd phone I got, went to the store and had them transfer things over, put it in a case and back in the box it came in and when I got home, not having touched the phone at ALL on the way home, there was already a crack even though the phone was in an otterbox!!! Of course it then continued to crack and crack and spider until the phone is leaving splinters in my fingers. This is by far the WORST glass I have ever encountered. Maybe it doesn’t scratch, I wouldn’t know as its too busy breaking and spidering more than any other phone I have ever seen. I would also like to point out that I have only cracked the glass on one other phone I have EVER had and that was one of the old glass iphones!!. Ever!! I baby these things and take extremely good care of them so to go through 3 phones within a 6 month period is unheard of and ridiculous. In my opinion, this glass is a safety hazard and a way for them to make more money off you as it is the most disposable glass ever made. Do NOT BUY THE HYPE!!! I cannot afford to even replace it even with insurance at this point and have had to put a screen protector over the glass just to keep it from embedding glass in my face. Soooooo very disappointed. Dont be me. Don’t buy gorilla glass.

I’m sorry for the experience with your phone. For what’s it’s worth, gorilla glass isn’t intended to be unbreakable. It’s intended to be scratch resistant.



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Hi @chercc,

I’m sorry to read you’ve had so much trouble with the last several phones.
If you replace this phone again, let’s get you a tempered glass screen protector before any damage occurs, and see if that helps. I’d be glad to send you one in exchange for an candid, unbiased review in our #reviews category after you’ve used it a while.

Just message me privately (click my username and then click “message”) if you replace the phone.

Have you checked to see whether you have some accidental breakage coverage with the credit card you used to purchase the phone?

Hi @chercc

Sorry to hear of your woe’s with Gorilla Glass…(and not trying to diminish your experience)…Personally, I have never cracked a screen with GG.

I started using hardened glass screen protectors, (and they get beat up pretty good), many years ago and consider that part of the price for a new phone, along with a decent case.

Much like automobile glass, once you get a ding, and a small crack appears, you can rest assure that it will continue to grow to a point it will not pass inspection in many States…(reminds me, a have a small ding on my windshield).

I am a welder and mechanic, I carry my phone in my shirt pocket. I started with a Moto E and bought the case and screen protector and that phone lasted three years until I was leaning on it, cracked it, and then it spider cracked all over and became unreadable.
So, I bought a refurbished LG K30 which is much larger, got a case for it but could not find a screen protector at Walmart to fit it. I’ve barely had it two months before it was hit with two tiny weld spatters. Foolishly, I tried to scratch them out, the screen cracked, then I dropped it and now the screen is shattered. Unlike the Moto E, however, I can read through the cracked glass.

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