Got a call from a strange number, had to restart phone

So I got a call from this strange looking phone number that clearly has too many digits. Problem was it never went to voicemail, it would not stop ringing even after I hit decline. I had to completely restart my phone to get it to stop. It also mysteriously does not show up in my recent calls list.

Has anyone else seen something like this before? Are the people trying to reach me about my extended warranty leveling up or is this something more sinister?

The number without the + sign on google search says it might be FEDEX package tracking.

Hi @samuelb.0ord27,

Did this happen today or in the last day or so? We’re currently experiencing some calling issues as indicate on our Help Page and our Status Page and one of the experiences we’re seeing some users report is the inability to hang-up or decline a call. I had a call like that Saturday, too.

It’s nothing to worry about, unless you needed to receive the call, of course.

Is that your beautiful dog on the home screen?

It happened today. I’ve never seen a phone number with too many digits come through so it was odd to me that it was paired with the phone not picking up voicemail when it usually does and having to restart the phone to get it to stop ringing.

It is! That’s my rescue boy Champ surveying the Rockies on a recent hiking trip :slightly_smiling_face:

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Huh, interesting, I’m not expecting any packages from anyone though so I doubt it was actually FedEx :sweat_smile:

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